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Sustainable Fashion

Fashion and the environment move toward harmony

Written by
Hwang Hye Young

Seoul's Eco-friendly brands

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  • Yongsan-gu

This is Kolon’s upcycling brand. Using old warehouse products that will  either be thrown away or incinerated, RE:CODE creates new products. A  shoulder bag made of different fabrics for the strap and body a shirt made of military uniform patches are some of the fun and practical designs by RE:CODE.

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  • Eunpyeong-gu

REBLANK creates card wallets, pouches and bags from recycled fabrics. Give a piece of your old clothing to REBLANK’s Closet Project and they will turn it into a bag with a custom label. They don’t do refunds or returns  once the production is underway, so think your decision through carefully.

Zenny Closet
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  • Jung-gu

Using recyclable textiles such as cotton, denim, linen or old clothes, Zenny Closet designs various styles of bags. Instead of emphasizing the importance of  recycling to consumers, they appeal with their designs and high quality. Their products have a broad range of appeal.

Interview with the director of the sustainable fashion brand SMK

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