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Unique holiday gift ideas for couples

Delight your beloved with these quirky, fun and unique gifts.


Show your love, let your special someone feel truly special this holiday season, with a present that will last all year round.

Wine & More's birth year wine
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  • Yongsan-gu
Ever heard of birth year wines? At Wine & More located at the entrance of Hannam-dong’s UN Village, you can find the perfect bottle of wine to mark your partner's birth year. Typically, the wines made in the 70’s to 80’s cost somewhere between 100,000 won to 200,000 won, while the historically renowned Chateau Mouton Rothschild wines, Chateau Margaux’s 1970-80’s vintages can also be found here. Wine & More boasts a pretty impressive collection of wines, with some even dating back almost 100 years—It’s the place where the usually prized 30 year old wines are overshadowed by the rarest of wines. As for the ‘& More’ part of the name, you can find a wide variety of beer, whisky, spirits, traditional Korean liquors and sake here. From 100 variants of miniature spirits (50ml - 200ml) priced at 10,000 won, to magnum size wines/champagnes perfect for gatherings and parties, the store has over 2,600 available types on demand. 100,000 won - 200,000 won.
Womanizer's Black Leopard stimulator
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Think about the best cunnilingus you’ve ever had. Now multiply. Three-word online reviews about this product that uses suction instead of vibration say nothing but “best orgasm ever” and “amazing multiple orgasms.” Wrap one of these bad boys for your beloved for this coming holiday—it's going to be a whole another level of showing you care. 288,000 won.
Dandy Town's waxing service for men
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It hasn’t been too easy for men to find quality waxing services in Seoul. But waxing and facials are no longer a thing only for women. Located in the heart of Itaewon, Dandy Town is 100% reservation based and open throughout the year. So, introduce this wonderful aspect of civilization to your beloved for this holiday. The only left for you to do will be enjoying the intimate time to check out his new look. Body wax from 20,000 won, Brazilian wax from 40,000 won.
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