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8 wonderful wall art shops in Seoul for a change of scenery at home

Interior artworks are the latest craze in Seoul. Here is a list of galleries and print shops that offer a great selection that will liven up your home.

Written by
Chuljunsung Chuljunsung

You don’t need to buy expensive furniture or paintings by a famous artist to spice up your rooms. Find unique, affordable items at these spots in Seoul and give yourself a change of scenery.

Lumas Gallery
  • Shopping
  • Gangnam-gu
Have you walked into one of the many Lumas Galleries spread around the world? Once you do, you will be delighted to find that, although it is a gallery, each artwork has a price tag on it. Founded in 2003, Lumas Gallery began its operation in Berlin, to showcase 50-150 original photographs taken by professional photographers. Each of the works is signed and sold as limited editions...
  • Shopping
  • Jongno-gu
Did you hear that Seoul Auction, Korea’s first auction house founded in 1998, has recently sold a painting by Kim Hwan-ki in Hong Kong and has declared it to be the top sale of Korean contemporary art in 2016? Probably not. It’s not every day you hear about these up-scale auctions and they're definitely not in an affordable price range for anyone to participate in. This is why Seoul Auction created Print Bakery...
  • Shopping
  • Seongdong-gu
Ever wanted to have a photo you took with your DSLR printed in professional quality, perfectly framed and hung on that empty wall of yours? Hidden in the factory district of Seongsu-dong, Lamina (from the word laminate) is best described as a private printing and framing workshop, and is actually providing services to many local photographers. Opening the large iron doors, you will be mesmerized by the sound and smell of a woodshop...
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