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Alternative date ideas for Valentine's Day in Seoul

For all the fun-loving couples out there — break out of the typical routine on the special day!


'Romantic' (and a certain dose of 'cheesy') is good on this day of the year, but you don't want any cliché idea. Find something different to do with our list of places to visit in Seoul — it might bring you guys closer together, too.

Dialogue in the Dark
  • Things to do
Remember the scene in the romantic comedy About Time, when a girl and a boy first encounter each other in complete darkness. A similar total-darkness experience is available in Seoul. It was created in 1988 by Andreas Heinecke as a result of a life-long search for answers to the question: “On what ground do we judge people and feel inferior or superior?” How does it sound, meeting your partner without the sense of sight on this Valentine's Day? You guys may be already close, but perhaps, you'll discover a new dimension that you never knew existed between you and your partner. 
Tempur Cinema
  • Movie theaters
Mmm... The pressure-absorbing material developed by NASA during the ‘70's. While most couples think of a Netflix-and-chill kind of vibe when it comes to movie-watching, there certainly is something about going to the cinema as a couple. Well, you can combine both on this Valentine's Day, at the world's first Tempur theater. And, yes, beds come in pairs!
Dark Room Episode 1
  • Things to do
  • Jongno-gu
This place may only be well known to the ‘couples of Seoul — at least it seems that way from how the vast majority of participants are comprised mostly of couples. Dark Room Episode 1, located on the 2nd basement floor of Insa-dong’s celebrated Ssamji-gil, is a fun little attraction for experiencing complete darkness. Whether you decide to go with your partner, a friend or a group of friends, you might just get a little closer to them once it’s over. The instructor is really welcoming and might even remind you of the people who help out in Lotte World. Once all the basics are given, the room goes dark and the only comfort you will have is the shoulder of the person in front of you and the voices of your group member. At one point you might even regret this whole thing as you plunder into a light panic mode, but it really only lasts a few seconds and makes the whole experience a little bit more thrilling. One thing that is really frightening is the thought of losing your partner, so make sure you to keep together. The missions that are given once you reach the rooms are frankly quite simple. Although trying to complete the missions in complete darkness is a little agitating (especially from knowing how simple the task is), you get to use your hands and devise a way of communicating within the group. After searching, dancing, accidentally touching someone else, folding paper and even sharing some of your deepest secrets (or just some nice words you might have been too embarra
Love Museum
  • Museums
Why not try some "19+" fun for this Valentine's Day? For a country that's not exactly open about sex,  there's definitely a lot of sex-related museums. And they're not all limited to Jeju, either. In this section of the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, you'll find lots of erotic sculptures and trick eye art to include yourself in. Some of the themes include Fun & Sexy, Femme Fatale, Chunhwa, Erotic Garden, Dream House and Sex Life.
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