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Escaping the city, inside the city

Camping out on the banks of the Han River

Written by
Chuljunsung Chuljunsung

Camping in the middle of the city—for Seoulites, it’s something that makes perfect sense. Camping out on the banks of the Han River has been a favorite pastime for both the old and young in the city as these green spots are perfect for enjoying the city’s nature at its finest. Whether it’s setting up a small sunshade for a relaxing Sunday picnic or renting out a pre-set up tent to stay the night with friends or family, Hangang provides lots of amenities you wouldn’t imagine you could rent out. The experience will be wholly different to what you might expect during camping out in the wilderness, but you’ll be surprised as to how fun and therefore addicting the activity may become.

Nanji Camp
  • Things to do
  • Mapo-gu

The Nanji Camp site located in Mapo-gu, is a popular destination for camping within Seoul. One of the main reasons is, you don’t have to bring anything. The camp site offers rentals for not just the tents (of which there are many different types and sizes) but also a lot of different amenities. They are all available on display and on a check list at the rental shop located inside the camping compounds. All your BBQ utensils, meats, snacks and drinks are also available at the convenience store...

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