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Hanok during the day

Must-visit hanok locations in Seoul when the sun is up and the sky's blue

Their pitch black roof tiles, golden-orange hues of the pine wood and rusty white walls meet modern elements to create tranquil sanctuaries that the city full of skyscrapers is so in need of. Some of them even have got a gorgeous garden, so perfect for day-drinking or some quality tea time.

Ale Dang

Ale Dang (Ale 堂), it is a house of ales. When spelled in Chinese characters (愛日堂), though, it gets another endearing title: a house where love is shared every day. Beer and love—two things that many of us can't live without are offered at this pub housed inside a 100-year-old hanok.  Having opened in December of 2016 in one of the landmark alleys of Ikseon-dong, Ale Dang has kept most of the original weathered-look of the ancient dwelling while adding elements of modern-vintage with tasteful furniture, lighting and decor items...

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Tucked away in a miniature hanok down the hill from Bukchon’s celebrated Gahoe-dong Alley is GRANDHAND’s flagship store. With the combination of a bold brass sign and sweet and colorful fragrances welcoming its visitors, ‘charming’ is probably the best word to describe its vibe.  Upon entering the venue, you may feel as if you're at a small Korean antique store located in the middle of the fashionable Marais district of Paris...

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The Shelf Ikseon

It is not an exaggeration to say that Ikseon-dong already has been the hippest spot in Seoul— and this old neighborhood is back at it again with new eye-popping stores. Among them is The Shelf, a retail store specialized in European footwear. While most of the so-called “hot places” in the area are housed in a renovated hanok (Korean traditional building), it is one that particularly captivates the eyes and hearts of the passerby...

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