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Luxury movie theaters

6 movie theaters to check out when feelin' fancy

Cause you can't roll out the red carpet when you netflix and chill 

Megabox Boutique M

What oozes luxury more than a hotel? At Megabox Boutique M, you’ll be pampered with meticulous service and high-quality goods. Upon arrival, you’re presented with a welcome package that includes Evian water, a blanket and indoor slippers to wear in the theater. There are two types of theaters—Suite and Comfort, with the Suite being slightly more upscale. All of the theaters are named after hotel rooms (No. 101 to No. 105) and everything from premium beer to cocktails and desserts are available during the viewing.

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Not to be confused with the Charlotte Theater for musicals, Lotte’s Charlotte Theater offers a high-end experience for those going to the cinema. There are 30 to 40 seats in a theater that would normally seat around 130 people. Before you enter, there’s a VIP area where beer and wine are served and once inside, you’re given a remote control to adjust your leather couch. There are 12 locations total.

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Cine Family

Going to the theater with the whole family can be quite an ordeal. With kids squirming in their seats or excited about certain parts, you might be worried about disturbing other audience members. Cine Family elminates that fear with this theater that is also a private screening room, located behind the regular seating in the front. Here, there’s plush seating for the whole family with snacks and beverages. It combines the experience of being at a luxury theater with at-home comforts.

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Tempur Cinema

Those of you who grew up in the States may remember Tempur’s ads to “experience the feeling of being weightless.” (The pressure-absorbing material was, in fact, developed by NASA during the ‘70s.) In order to better promote their brand here, Tempur teamed up with CGV and now offers reclining beds for while you watch a movie—making this the first Tempur theater anywhere in the world. Next to the reclining bed is a bedstand that you can place your snacks and beverages on. Beds come in pairs, so make sure you take someone you can cozy up with.

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Gold Class

How does sitting in a large plush seat and drinking cocktails from an private bar sound? Don’t let the servers offering you everything from juice to wine fool you—this isn’t the business class lounge of an airplane. Instead, this theater brings you all the amenities of being upgraded in a spacious atmosphere. Offering you about four times as much space as an average theater, who’d ever want to return to “economy” seating?

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The Private Cinema

Located on the 11th floor of this building in Chungdam-dong, the Private Cinema is the ultimate when it comes to exclusivity. It offers you the chance to rent out the entire theater (approximately 40 seats) and customize every detail to your liking—from where the screen is located to the scale and size of the seats. Theaters are often reserved for VIP parties and the red carpet is literally rolled out for you.

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