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What's in for 2017? Here's some ideas.

Are you willing to jump on the bandwagon?

A new year has dawned, and while still amid political turmoil and abhorrent social conditions, life goes on. What will we observe in our daily life throughout this year? Are they close to what we wish to see? Hopefully, 2017 brings new opportunities with the new contexts, for all of us.

Things to do

A blissful promise – hygge

The Korean translation of The Little Book of Hygge already ranks in the top 10 of bestsellers, and we’ve started to see the word “K-hygge” or “Korean hygge” being dropped (without quotation marks) in publications... Indeed, we do have good reasons to turn to a seemingly miraculous lifestyle solution — we’ve had an undoubtedly trying year on both individual and political levels. The ways to hygge — from lighting up a scented candle to a soak in a bathtub — according to the celebrated sources are stunningly simple, placing the matter of happiness and well-being on a purely individual level. It’s certainly an attractive promise in a sense — for that, this untranslatable word is highly marketable in this country.
Things to do

Seize the day, today — YOLO

Yes, the concept has arrived in Korea, obviously in its complete form. If you look into the meaning, though, it's not meant to be an excuse to go on a shopping spree or act out of desire, contrary to how the term is often used. Instead, living the YOLO lifestyle means stepping out of your comfort zone and raising your standard of living by constantly challenging yourself.... What we can take from this innately positive concept may go as far as learning what we want, doing what we want and loving how we want — with all we have and imagine because, we really only live once.

Things to do

Spending for quality – B+ Premium

With the natural tendency to constantly want better things in life, consumers these days do not consider cheap and lower priced items as the best products out there, even amid the economic recession. Instead, they're looking for new ways of affordable expression... Why have we begun to look at B+ Premium products? Andy Bond, the CEO of Walmart UK says it's because, “The era of conspicuous consumption is over.” What's in instead is "self-editing," an act of ridding yourself of unnecessary extravagance and going for services that balance the quality and price ratio. B+ premium products may come with a small increase in price, but their quality and originality sells.
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