Kolam Pure

Theatre, Drama
Kolam pure

A riveting comedy, Kolam Pure narrates the story of how a cunning minister in the royal court, along with his supporters drive the kingdom to havoc, due to his short-sighted decisions and acts. The minister—protagonist of the drama—firmly believes the words of an astrologer, who tells him that in order to attain the throne and for his sons to be enthroned in succession, he should marry and have children with a woman who has long hair with one golden hair in the middle of her head. Hence, driven by the greed for royal comforts, he ignores his responsibilities towards the public and selfishly works towards his own luxury and comforts.

The drama is directed by Priyantha Ranjan, and stars popular artists such as Wasantha Wittachchi, Sarath Kulanga, Sarath Chandrasiri, Richard Manamudali, Nilmini Kottegoda, Nimal Jayasinghe and Upul Mahanama.

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