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Looking for some retail therapy? Zurich shopping experiences include hip boutiques, classy department stores, quirky vintage shops and more…

By Time Out editors

Whether you like a handsome department store that caters for your every retail whim, a hip backstreet boutique or a fusty vintage store with a line in forgotten fashions, Zurich shopping has it all. 

The main shopping area is around the Bahnhofstrasse, which runs from the main station, Hautbahnhof towards Lake Zurich. Fashion chains such as Mango and Zara have taken over much of the lower half of a street that was once a more atmospheric and authentic shopping experience. The brands build in prestige the closer they get to Paradeplatz, the banking area, where classic department stores such as Grieder sits alongside luxury brands like Dior and Chanel.

The old town stretches between Central and Bellevue and is often referred to as the 'Dörfli' by locals. It actually consists of two parts – Niederdorf and Oberdorf. Though something of a tourist trap – fondue restaurants and souvenir shops are common hereabouts –the area has generous offerings of quirky shops such as the Travel Book Shop or Limited Stock.

Originally a run down area full of decaying warehouses, Zurich West – also called 'Kreis 5' or 'Industriequartier' – is quickly becoming the new heart of town. Its main attraction is the 'Viadukt', a stretch of shops, restaurants and bars built into the arches of the old railway viaduct that runs between the bank of the river Limmat and Hardbrücke station. Nearby cult culture and lifestyle area Frau Gerolds Garten offers cute little shops ike Edition Populaire.


Shopping Bags and luggage Industriequartier

The bags of Markus and Daniel Freitag certainly need no further introduction, and where would be a better place to buy these individual designs made of truck tarps, inner tubes and seat belts than their container-shop in Zurich West?


Shopping Boutiques Kreis 1

One of the top destinations for local fashionista's thanks to owner Laurence Antiglio's lovingly curated collections which showcase of-the-moment designers plus cute lifestyle accessories. 


Limited Stock

Shopping Rathaus

Specialising in the quirky, the extraordinary and - of course - the namesake limited stock, this little concept store tucked into a back alley of the old town offers a varied wonderland of goods, from hand-made gardening tools to porcelain jewellery. 

Maurice de Mauriac 10
Charles McLaughlin

Maurice de Mauriac

Shopping Boutiques Enge

Switzerland is of course associated with luxury watches but it’s somewhat surprising to discover that none are made in Zurich. Watch entrepreneur Daniel Dreifuss, one of the most charismatic characters you can meet in the city, is the founder of Maurice de Mauriac, the only watch brand made in Zurich. 



Shopping Designer City

At Grieder, you can find some of the most popular luxury brands all under one roof, including Burberry, Akris, Isabel Marant, Diane von Fürstenberg, Chloé, Stella McCartney and many more. 

Lele Pyp

Shopping Boutiques City

Swiss-Brazilian siblings Stephanie, Samantha and Bernardo Müller Knab have risen to rapid fame with their feminine shoe-label. High heels are their main business, but their flats are equally elegant. 


Harrison Spirit

Shopping Home decor Aussersihl

Instant interior refreshment is what Harrison Spirit offers. Got a boring but pretty sofa in grey, beige or navy? Then get some colour into your front room with some of the crazy cushions this little shop has on offer. 

Number Two

Shopping Maternity Seefeld

This back street boutique has a touch of cult Paris store Colette about it, where you can find all manner of products and clothing with a hip edge. 



Shopping Antiques Aussersihl

Hindu statues, large wooden furniture pieces and beautiful glassware were all discovered on the many trips that Simon Wirth and Susanne Schmid have taken to India throughout the past few years. 

The New New

Shopping Vintage shops Unterstrass

This newly expanded shop off Schaffhauserplatz is not simply a second hand shop - it's a 'curated' second hand shop. The owners personally select what they put on display and only what they consider to be fashionable, stylish and contemporary ends up on their shelves. 

Pretty and Pure make up and cosmetic shop, organic and vegan, Zürich
© Eline Keller-Soerensen

Pretty and Pure

Shopping Cosmetics Unterstrass

'Don't panic, it's organic' says the sign outside this tiny white-painted shop near Schaffhauserplatz. And yes, all the colourful eye shadows, all the glimmer and the glitz, all the creams and fake eyelashes are indeed natural, mostly vegan and a safe haven for the allergy-prone.

Viadukt in Zurich West.
Nelly Rodriguez


Things to do Industriequartier

This stretch of shops, restaurants and bars is built into the arches of the old railway viaduct that runs between the bank of the river Limmat and Hardbrücke station. It has become one of the places to be in town. During the day, visit the quirky shops (don’t miss Westflügel, a book shop with a carefully curated selection) and buy organic delicacies at the Markthalle. 


Bogen 33

Shopping Antiques Industriequartier

Some good seats last forever, and this vintage furniture shop has quite a lot of them in stock. This vast basement store has it all and much more, and there is a second shop in the Viadukt that specialises only in chairs and tables. Why buy new when the old is still so pretty?


Shopping Boutiques Aussersihl

This rather basic and industrial-looking space at the new Europaallee shopping area near Hauptbahnhof unites the best in contemporary Swiss fashion design, presenting items from Marc Stone, Lela Scherrer, Paradis des Innocents, Ida Gut and many more. 


DeeCee Style

Shopping Boutiques City

It's a man's world in here and this man certainly knows how to handle his life. Classic jeans, boots and shirts, all with a modern American edge, a little bit of Easy Rider meets Pharell Williams, topped with classics like Church shoes, Belstaff jackets and Barbour coats. 

Globus Zurich

Shopping Cosmetics City

Surely the most trendy and contemporary of Switzerland’s department stores, Globus has branches in most larger Swiss cities. it offers almost everything, from clothing for all ages to fine tableware and even an upscale delicatessen supermarket in the basement


Lux Plus

Shopping Boutiques Aussersihl

Often named as Zurich's best vintage and second hand shop, this store has hangers instead of piles. All items are presented as in a fancy fashion boutique, the shoes lined up nicely, the quirky jewellery put out to shine and their best finds on dolls in the window.

Jo Brauer
©Jo Brauer

Jo Brauer

Shopping Kreis 4

Following two successful pop-up shops and an online boutique, Dusanka Simic opened her first Jo Brauer boutique in the trendy Zurich Europaallee area in 2015. 


Akris Outlet

Shopping Boutiques Zurich

Albert Kriemler's timeless designs had already risen to fame before Angelina Jolie wore them and he outfitted Princess Charlène of Monaco, but this extra bit of Hollywood glitz put him right in the front row of fashion. If you want the outfit but can't afford it, then this second season shop might be just what you are looking for. There is something for everyone, but real bargains can only be found if you are petite or plus size.

Frau Gerolds Garten

Things to do Industriequartier

It might look like a bunch of shabby sheds at first sight, but this collection of piled up containers is Zurich's latest cool hangout and shopping location. 



Shopping Designer Hochschulen

Formerly an online second-hand shop on eBay, Luxury has now become the hottest ticket in town when it comes to high fashion vintage items. They offer one of the best selections of both second hand and new Hermes scarves you might have ever encountered (check online before you visit the shop because they don't have many on display) and much sought-after items like Birkin Bags or Louboutin pumps. Most of their items are used, but in flawless condition - so don't expect any bargains.

Edition Populaire/Townhouse

Shopping Industriequartier

Two much loved local shops have joined forces in one of the ateliers lining Frau Gerolds Garten. Edition Populaire finds the things you never knew you needed - beautiful, timeless, from small brands and often handmade - while Townhouse focuses on custom editions and own brand products. 


Fabric Frontline

Shopping Boutiques City

Founder Andy Stutz used to be called the king of silk before he sold his business to a larger fashion group in 2012. And he certainly put the Swiss on the map for his forward thinking scarf design with patterns of butterflies and flowers - always colourful, always abundant, but never cheesy. 


Shopping Antiques Industriequartier

Stretching out over two floors in Kreis 5's abandoned warehouse area, Walter delivers the type of industrial chic you would expect from the outside. 



Shopping Home decor Rathaus

Homeware from famed Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, beauty products from the acclaimed Swiss duo Robert & Josiane, beautiful birthday cards and handmade wooden toys for children, plus bags and scarves and picture frames and so much more, all sustainable, all fair trade, a lot of it produced in Switzerland. Now save the world and go shopping!

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