Top 12 artsy things to do in Tokyo this autumn

Take your pick of the city's top exhibitions, performances and festivals

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Nihonbashi Kidai-Matsuri Edo Asobi – Traditional Culture Festival | Time Out Tokyo

In association with Arts Council Tokyo

It's accepted wisdom that Tokyo simply has an overwhelming supply of great things to do. Unfortunately it seems like not that many Tokyoites are actually making the most of it. In a recent survey taken by the Arts Council Tokyo, only a quarter of the 1,100 respondents said that they attend a cultural or arts event at least once a month.

Add that to the nearly 40 percent of respondents who only do so once a year or less frequently, and it's clear that there's room for improvement in the artistic appreciation department. Yet over 80 percent said that they are interested in art and culture, so the potential's there.


Of course, you can easily argue that appreciating art isn't limited to the public sphere – there are certainly enough of us reading manga, Netflixing and the like.

But why don't people go out and actually experience things first-hand – especially as over 80 percent of respondents said they think appreciating art 'live' is important? As usual, time and money are the culprits here, with almost 50 percent saying that they don't venture into the artsy world because it costs money, while another 35 percent say they just can't find the time. Where did that Premium Friday go again?  


To make life easier for those of you who actually are looking to go out, we've teamed up with the Arts Council Tokyo and compiled a list of free or easily accessible events going on in Tokyo this autumn. Get your art cap on and head to any of the diverse happenings below for your culture fix. 

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