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Long layover at Narita Airport? Check out our new guide to the surrounding area

50 things to do in Narita | Time Out Tokyo

Our guide maps just keep on coming: hot on the heels of our Shimane and Ikebukuro guides, which were rolled out of the press less than a fortnight ago, we've now got you covered for a pesky long layover or a day trip with 50 things to do in Narita. And boy, there's definitely more than just a departure lounge to look forward to: with 50 hand-picked things to do in the area, you won't be bored. 

From the famed, age-old Narita Shinshoji Temple and the picturesque Naritasan Omotesando Street leading towards it from Narita Station, to small villages such as Kozaki, Shibayama, Tako and Sakae, you'll never see 'going to Narita' in the same way again. The villages in particular provide great insight into the Japanese countryside, with many hidden gems dotted along the rice paddies and hills, including some fantastic restaurants that make the most of local produce. 

And if you prefer a little help getting around, check out the Narita Transit & Stay Program, who we teamed up with for this map and who provide free guided tours for transit passengers at Narita Airport. Even if you aren't flying, there's enough to explore in Narita and surrounds to warrant the train or bus (please don't take a taxi) ride from central Tokyo. 

金田屋Kanetaya in Kozaki is behind the meals served in JAL's first class – this is certainly not your average plane food


大野屋Down Naritasan Omotesando you'll find Oonoya, a traditional ryokan turned restaurant and museum


九十九里ファーム たまご屋さんコッコIn Tako, have as much TKG (tamago-kake-gohan) as you can muster – refills of rice and miso soup are free, while the eggs are all-you-can-crack


さぼんさまCleanse your body with colourful jelly-like soap from Sabon Sama along Naritasan Omotesando


航空科学博物館Pretend to be a pilot at Shibayama's Museum of Aeronautical Sciences


三芳家Japanise your tea time at Miyoshiya, reopened in December 2016


鍋店Learn the ins and outs of nihonshu with a brewery tour at Kozaki's Nabedana Sake Brewery


東洋Reach the heights with a 'Vanilla Air' or 'Jetstar' cocktail at Narita's Toyo, an old-school bar frequented by airline staff

50 things to do in Narita is available now at tourist information desks across Narita Airport, at the Narita Transit & Stay Program's information counters, and at several hotels in the area (including Narita Airport Rest House, Narita Excel Hotel, Narita Tobu Hotel Airport, Narita View Hotel, Hotel Nikko Narita, Marroad International Hotel Narita and Hotel Mercure Narita Airport). Pick up your free copy on your way through the airport, or head to our own Time Out Café & Diner in Ebisu to check for availability.