Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills | Time Out Tokyo
Photo by Riccardo Chiarini

Your guide to living in Tokyo

Living in Tokyo can be overwhelming at times – but not with this everyday guide to the capital


Living in Tokyo doesn't have to be a puzzle. Tips and secrets to the world's greatest city are right at your fingertips – whether it's navigating the banking system, figuring out which phone plan you should get or knowing how to avoid making a fool of yourself on public transit, we've got the essentials to becoming a Tokyo expert right here.

The basics

Money matters

Social life

How to hanami like a Tokyoite

How to hanami like a Tokyoite

Getting your hanami on is the highlight of the year for many – here's how to appreciate the sakura like the locals

PDA in Japan

PDA in Japan

You're not going to be thrown in jail for a public smooch, but...