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Cinemas in Tokyo

Looking to catch a film? Find out what's on at cinemas in Shinjuku, Shibuya and the Yurakucho area

By Time Out Tokyo Editors

Rainy day and nothing to do? Going out to the movies is never a bad option, and with Tokyo's endless supply of cinematic entertainment, you're always sure to find something of interest showing somewhere in the city. Check out our picks of cinemas in Shinjuku, Shibuya and the Yurakucho-Ginza area, from IMAX theatres and multiplexes to small arthouse spots. And for a roundup of the city's classic movie houses, consult our list of Tokyo's best old-school cinemas.

Shinjuku Piccadilly

Cinemas Multiplex Shinjuku

One of Tokyo's newer and glitzier multiplex cinemas, Shinjuku Piccadilly is actually the reincarnation of a four-screen movie house that used to stand in nearby Kabukicho. Quirks include a date-friendly 'platinum seat' plan...

Shinjuku Wald9 Cinema

Cinemas Shinjuku-Sanchome

This cinema complex was the first of its kind in Japan, with all nine theatres equipped with digital projectors. No matter which theatre you end up in, you’ll be able to enjoy crisp, vibrant colours. Naturally, the acoustics are just as cutting-edge...


Toho Cinemas Shinjuku

Cinemas Shinjuku

12 screens, a full-scale Dolby Atmos audio system and enough shops to rival your average city mall – all impressive features, to be sure, but what really gets us excited about Toho's newest multiplex is the giant Godzilla head...

Cinema Qualite

Cinemas Independent Shinjuku

The former home of Shinjuku Musashinokan reopened in late 2012 as a compact, two-screen cinema with a penchant for arthouse films. Cinema Qualite's two snug auditoriums (boasting 97 and 79 seats, respectively) are equipped to screen both digital and 35mm films...


K's Cinema

Cinemas Shinjuku

A small but perfectly formed theatre with just 84 seats, K's Cinema specialises in mainly arthouse fare, offering a welcome antidote to the popcorn-friendly fodder shown at the multiplexes elsewhere in Shinjuku.

Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku

Cinemas Shinjuku-Sanchome

Formerly known as Shinjuku Bunka Cinema and Shinjuku Garden Cinema, this artsy two-screen theatre sits inside a multi-use building close to Shinjuku-Sanchome Station and shows mainly arthouse fare.

Toho Cinemas Shibuya

Cinemas IMAX Shibuya

Found just across the street from 109, the Shibuya outpost of Toho Cinemas is directly connected to the station via an underground passageway, making it an ideal destination on rainy days.


Cinemas Independent Shibuya

Showing a fascinating mix of movies, particularly indie productions from both Japan and abroad with lots of experimental and short work thrown in as well, Uplink also holds events like talks and live performances. They occasionally offer discounts on rainy days.


Human Trust Cinema

Cinemas Independent Shibuya

When foreign films only merit a limited release in Tokyo, they tend to end up at this three-screen cinema, housed in the upper floors of a Shibuya shopping and restaurant complex that's a popular spot for wedding receptions...

Cinema Vera

Cinemas Independent Shibuya

Sitting right in the middle of Shibuya's love hotel-infested Maruyamacho, this small theatre focuses on classics and early, obscure pieces by great directors. Double features are the name of the game.


Theatre Image Forum

Cinemas Shibuya

Cutting-edge contemporary films, classics, avant-garde features and experimental work are all on the menu at this cozy arthouse theatre, found up on Miyamasuzaka in the direction of Aoyama.

Marunouchi Piccadilly

Cinemas Yurakucho

Three-screen cinema occupying the ninth floor of the Yurakucho Mullion building and the fifth floor of the neighbouring New Building. The programming is rather bare-boned compared to Piccadilly's Shinjuku branch, with a focus on both domestic and Hollywood hits.

Toho Cinemas Miyukiza & Scalaza

Cinemas IMAX Hibiya

One of a cluster of cinemas in the Hibiya area maintained by the Toho chain, this compact 180-seat theatre is notable mainly for participating in the popular nationwide 10am Film Festival. The masssive Scalaza theatre next door boasts a whopping 640 seats.


Yurakucho Subaruza

Cinemas Independent Yurakucho

One of central Tokyo's few remaining single-screen cinemas, the nostalgic Subaruza sits right by Yurakucho Station. The lobby is decorated with old posters and other paraphernalia related to movies screened here in the past, while the programming ranges from international arthouse fare...

Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho

Cinemas Yurakucho

Single-screen cinema housed on the 8th floor of the Bic Camera building in Yurakucho. Look out for special programmes, film festivals and other events year-round.


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