Shabu Shabu Onyasai Mita
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

7 all-you-can-eat deals in Tokyo you can enjoy right now

Chow down on unlimited sushi, oysters, shumai dumplings and steak with these bargain deals

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Japan has a big tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) culture, with many restaurants offering exclusive deals for those who have a big appetite. Whether it’s sushi, Korean barbecue, curry or dumplings, you’ll find all kinds of cuisine getting the all-you-can-eat treatment in Tokyo. While there are many popular chains that offer all-you-can-eat courses year-round, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals out there at the moment, so you know where to go to get your fill.

Shumai no Joe
Photo: Shumai no Joe

Unlimited dumplings at Shumai no Jo Kabukicho

This Shinjuku chain restaurant is the place to go for Chinese-style shumai dumplings. The ¥620 all-you-can-eat plan might just be the best value deal on this list – it allows you to eat unlimited steamed dumplings for two whole hours. You’ll get up to five shumai per serving, but each person must order at least one side dish and a drink. Best of all, there’s no end date on this deal, so you can indulge again and again.

Shabu Shabu Onyasai Mita
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

All-you-can-eat cotton candy sukiyaki

Shabu Shabu chain Onyasai offers is adding sukiyaki to its menu for a limited time. However, this isn’t your average sukiyaki. You’ll have meat and veggies simmered in the restaurant’s special soy sauce broth, sweetened with a heap of cotton candy sitting on top of it all. Once you’ve poured the broth over the cotton candy to let it melt and cook the ingredients, you can dig in.

The cotton candy sukiyaki course comes with 11 kinds of meat, fresh local veggies and 60 other dishes, all of which you can order for 120 minutes. The deal runs until May 12.

ホテル東京ガーデンパレス レストラン・オーロラ
Photo: Hotel Tokyo Garden Palaceステーキ盛り付けイメージ

All-you-can-eat steak at Hotel Tokyo Garden Palace

Head over to Restaurant Aurora at Hotel Tokyo Garden Palace in Yushima to feast on an all-you-can-eat steak meal. You’ll be able to fill up on unlimited Australian sirloin steak for 90 minutes, served with a side of soup, salad and rice for just ¥4,500 (children ¥2,500). 

Add unlimited soft drinks for an additional ¥1,100 (children ¥500) or make a night of it with a nomihodai (all-you-can-drink alcohol) deal for an extra ¥1,500. This offer is only available on weekends and runs until March 27. We recommend booking in advance on the website, so you won’t have to queue when you arrive.

Photo: Carnism

Carnism Winter Jingisukan Course

Feast on charcoal-grilled Jingisukan (Japanese grilled mutton) at Carnism in Azabu-Juban. Just ¥3,980 gets you unlimited cuts of lamb thigh, rump, leg, loin and mutton thigh you can grill yourself. It also comes with plenty of other dishes like a salad with housemade sesame dressing, marinated octopus, goat cheese and garlic butter fries, a veggie medley, spiced curry and even dessert..

This all-you-can-eat course is only available until March 31. You’ll have to order it for a minimum of two people, so be sure to bring a friend. Reservations must be made in advance online and each person is required to order at least one drink.

Photo: Sushi Yamaken
Photo: S.H.N Co., Ltd.

Unlimited nigiri tuna at Sushi Yamaken

Tuna lovers should head over to Sushi Yamaken in Shinjuku to feast on an all-you-can-eat tuna nigiri deal that’s here until March 31. Instead of the usual ¥8,000, you’ll be paying just ¥4,999 to get unlimited akami (lean tuna), chutoro (medium fatty), otoro (fatty) and torotaku (tuna with Japanese pickled radish), plus four other nigiri sushi options of the day. The two-hour meal also comes with side dishes like snow crab chawanmushi (steamed savoury egg custard), miso soup and yuba (tofu skin) sashimi.

Marunouchi Hotel
Photo: Marunouchi Hotel

All-you-can-eat roast beef lunch at Pomme d’Adam

French restaurant Pomme d’Adam inside Marunouchi Hotel is offering an all-you-can-eat roast beef feast for lunch on weekdays until April 24. From 11.30am to 2pm (last order 1.30pm), you’ll get to eat an unlimited amount of the restaurant’s specialty beef loin seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme and other herbs.  

Of course, you can just get the standard unlimited roast beef lunch for ¥5,082 per person, which comes with a side of caesar salad, bread and your choice of coffee or tea. But if you’re really hungry, go for the Chef’s Recommend course (¥6,050) for an additional appetiser and dessert, or splash out with the Pomme d’Adam course (¥7,865), which comes with an appetiser, fish dishes, soup, and dessert, too.

All-you-can-eat meat sushi
Photo: Rink Ink

All-you-can-eat meat sushi at The 3rd Shibuya

The 3rd Shibuya is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a 90-minute all-you-can-eat meat sushi course for ¥4,500 until March 28. The best part is, the deal also includes unlimited drinks.

You’ll get a plate of ten kinds of beef and pork sushi, each seasoned with different sauces like garlic soy, grated daikon and ponzu, seared cheese and more. After you’ve finished your first round, you can start ordering additional sushi for the remaining time. Each person can order up to ten pieces of sushi at once, and last orders must be made 15 minutes before your finish time. And make sure to eat everything on your plate, because you’ll have to pay ¥100 per piece of sushi that you leave behind.

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