A suspension bridge over a green valley with Mt Fuji in the background
Photo: Mishima Skywalk

Catch 13,000 hydrangeas in bloom around Japan’s longest suspension footbridge

The Hydrangea Festival at Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka prefecture also features views of Mt Fuji

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Dina Kartit

Aside from having the longest suspension footbridge in Japan – about 400m – Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka prefecture is also known for hosting one of the biggest hydrangea festivals near Tokyo, attracting visitors of all ages for the huge number of blue hydrangeas blooming in summer.

Mishima Skywalk Natsuzora hydrangeas
Photo: Mishima SkywalkNatsuzora hydrangeas

This year, the Hydrangea Festival will feature about 13,000 hydrangeas of 205 varieties, including Natsuzora (Summer Sky), Skywalk, and Hao, the venue’s three original hydrangea species.

Mishima Skywalk
Photo: Mishima Skywalk

Along the 2km promenade on the north side of the bridge, spots for snapping photos will be set up, offering lovely scenery with the hydrangeas, Suruga Bay and even Mt Fuji.

Mishima Skywalk
Photo: Mishima SkywalkSora Soft

For something refreshing after your walk, how about tasting Mishima Skywalk’s new signature ice cream? Launched in May, Sora Soft is a delicious milk-flavored soft-serve ice cream with a silky texture and a pale blue tint – just like the sky on a clear day – that costs ¥470. It was developed in partnership with Ideboku Ranch, a local farm at the foot of Mt. Fuji, known for the richness of its dairy products.

Mishima Skywalk Hao hydrangeas
Photo: Mishima SkywalkHao hydrangeas

The festival runs until July 27 and if you come on a rainy day don’t worry – you’ll get a free raincoat at the entrance gate. The admission fee is ¥1,100 for adults and ¥650 for people over 65. Seniors can also get a special Hydrangea Passport for ¥2,000, which gives unlimited entry to the festival.

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