Craft brewery Beer Cafe Vertere in Okutama starts crowdfunding to create their own beer growler

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Mayumi Koyama

Located in eastern Tokyo, Okutama is surrounded by lush nature. There are beautiful lakes, picturesque mountains and of course, a host of outdoor activities for the adventure-seekers. And the best part is, you have access to all this without having to leave Tokyo. However, little do people know that Okutama is also home to one of the city’s best local craft beer breweries.

Enjoy the nature of Okutama during the warmer months

Located not far from JR Ome line’s Okutama Station, beer hall Beer Cafe Vertere is a local institution known for their ale brewed right here amidst this bountiful nature. If you’re looking to take home some of the ale, you’ll be glad to know that the beer hall has recently started crowdfunding so that they can start selling beer in their very own growlers to avid drinkers throughout Tokyo. That’s great news because growlers are essentially a type of glass jug that allows you to transport and take away fresh draft beer from a pub or brewery without having to invest in an entire keg.

Beer Cafe Vertere has had a lot of requests from customers asking if they could order the draft beer to go. The team is now looking to raise up to ¥2,000,000 for this new takeaway growler service. For those interested, the minimum funding starts at ¥3,000 and goes up to ¥25,000. The pledge benefits range from original stickers and a one-year store passport offering ¥100 discount for their beer on tap, to original growler bottles as well as a free tour of their hop farm and brewery in Okutama.

Take in the greenery and fresh air over your pint of beer at Beer Cafe Vertere’s outdoor terrace

For more information, or if you’re keen on making a pledge to Beer Cafe Vertere’s crowdfunding, click here.

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