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Dig into bonsai-inspired desserts at Tsurukame Ro in Harajuku

Tsurukame Ro Bonsai Parfait

Tokyo has its fair share of cute and colourful desserts, but these gorgeous bonsai-inspired parfaits from Harajuku restaurant Tsurukame Ro are just want you need to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your curiosity for Japanese culture. The cherry on the cake? You'll also get a cool #instadessert shot to document it all for posterity.

This berry banana parfait is a colourful combo.

The restaurant’s modern Japanese setting is the perfect backdrop for these three decadent bonsai creations, which feature classic flavours assembled in fancy bonsai pots, complete with decorative twigs and leaves. Priced at an easy ¥800 per parfait, these sweet concoctions will have your Instagram followers drooling all over their phones. Just don’t take too long with the photos until it all melts into a puddle.

A crowd-pleaser, the chocolate parfait is overflowing with chocolatey goodness.

Get your bonsai desserts at Tsurukame Ro.