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Explore the Imperial Palace and Chiyoda City with our latest guide map

Explore the Imperial Palace and Chiyoda City with our latest guide map

The Imperial Palace grounds may be smack in the centre of Tokyo, but we felt like the area and the wider Chiyoda City could do with even more love. For that reason, we've just released our latest English-language addition to our popular guide map series: '30 things to do around the Imperial Palace', welcome to the family. 

Of course, you'll find our usual range of quirky, unique spots that don't necessarily see a lot of tourist traffic, plus the best gourmet options, nightlife venues and more on this pocket-sized map. That includes both long-running faves such as Ichigenya, Ohya Shobo, I-Kousha, and Kudanshita's Sushimasa, as well as new area additions such as Y & Sons and Mazilu Beef Noodles.

On the back, you can read up on the Imperial Palace's history, plus how to use the walkway that doubles as a running course around the palace's precincts. If you're looking to delve deeper into Chiyoda City, this is the map for you. 

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Please note there are some small errors on this edition of the map (as of April 13, 2018). Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

- Two station names, namely Nihonbashi and Shin-Nihonbashi, ought to be labelled 'Nihombashi' and 'Shin-Nihombashi'

- 'Uchibori-Dori' ought to be 'Uchibori-Dori Ave.'

- The more southernly-placed Ochanomizu Station has an unnecessary station mark (M20).