Mercure Kyoto Station
Photo: Mercure Kyoto Station

Get up to 85 percent off hotel rooms in Japan with this booking website

The Worke offers deeply discounted hotel packages with stays ranging from six days to a year

Emma Steen

There are currently plenty of staycation plans and hotel deals around, making weekend getaways that much more attractive and affordable. However, a new service called The Worke is giving out bigger discounts if you’re looking for something more long term. The virtual concierge offers long-term accommodation plans ranging from six days to a whole year, which you can use as a workcation stay, an extended holiday or an Airbnb-style second home.  

The Worke

The hotels found on the website are scattered across Japan, ranging from  Tokyo to Kyoto and Hokkaido to Aomori. Unlike cramped budget hotels with little to see and do, many of the featured accommodations are on the luxurious side with five star listings like the Hyatt Regency Kyoto, among others. 

Prices vary depending on the hotel and length of stay, but many of the discounted deals seem too good to pass up. The stunning Kagetsu inn in Yamanashi, for instance, normally goes for at least ¥17,000 per night, but now with a six-day package, you can stay for just ¥3,850 a night with breakfast included. These attention-grabbing discounts aren't limited to the quieter prefectures either, with Kyoto hotels like Mercure Kyoto Station offering a six-night stay for just ¥25,000. 

Aside from selecting your accommodation by location, you can also filter them on the site by the style of hotel, whether it be a traditional ryokan or a seaside resort. So start planning your extended, long-overdue vacation. 

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