Grand Hyatt Tokyo serves up Tokyo's most expensive burger at ¥100,000

Kaila Imada

A burger fit for an emperor, the new Golden Giant Burger available at The Oak Door in Grand Hyatt Tokyo comes with a whopping ¥100,000 price tag. But it's well-worth the splurge as the burger's created with top-shelf ingredients that make for an indulgent dining experience. Plus, for all the meat lovers out there, where else can you find a giant gold-dusted burger packed with foie gras, Wagyu beef slices and loads of shaved truffles?

Chef Patrick Shimada and his burger creation

This decadent burger was created to commemorate the inauguration of the new emperor and the beginning of the Reiwa era, set to start on May 1. It also happens to be just in time for the extra-long Golden Week holiday (hence the burger's name), which makes the burger one super-indulgent holiday treat. 

Now you're not just getting the burger with that lofty price tag – your super-sized meal also includes triple-cooked giant fried potatoes and a magnum bottle of either champagne, red or white wine. The burger feeds about six to eight people, but you'll be glad to know that there's a smaller version of the giant burger called the Golden 'R' Burger (¥20,000), if you prefer not to share. 

More truffles, please

The Golden Giant Burger weighs in at a total of 3kg: the massive 1kg prime US beef patty is topped with 500g of Wagyu beef, 800g of foie gras, about 20g of freshly shaved black truffles, finished with drizzles of a rich sauce made from a veal and shallot jus reduction. This is in addition to your typical burger toppings as well (American cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and the works), all of which will then be sandwiched between a gold-dusted bun that is made in-house.

This completely over the top and Instagrammable burger is the perfect way to ring in the new imperial era. Just make sure to book at least three days in advance for your treat.

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