Ippudo potato chip
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Ippudo now offers tonkotsu ramen-flavoured potato chips

The popular Japanese ramen chain has turned its signature pork-broth into a bite-size snack

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Ippudo is one of the most famous Japanese ramen chains, both within the country and abroad.  In fact, the brand is so popular that it has branched out to offer more than just its rich and flavourful tonkotsu (pork bone-broth) ramen, including instant cup noodles, rice crackers and ready-to-eat convenience store noodles. Now, adding to this list is the new Ippudo crisps. Yes, potato chips that taste like the brand’s classic Shiromaru tonkotsu ramen.

This is Ippudo’s first-ever bag of crisps, created in collaboration with snack company Yamayoshi Seika to commemorate its 35th anniversary. It’s said to feature a strong Hakata-style pork broth flavour with a hint of pickled ginger. A 48g bag costs about ¥140, and is now available at major supermarkets across Japan.

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