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McDonald’s Japan to replace plastics with paper straws and wooden cutlery

No more plastic at McDonald’s: the fast food chain will be adopting paper and wooden utensils from October 7

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

From Starbucks to convenience stores, companies have started making a serious effort to help reduce plastic waste in Japan. Now McDonald’s will be making a big change as they’ll be replacing plastics with paper straws and wooden cutlery.

The fast food chain had already been testing out paper and wooden utensils at some locations in Japan since earlier this year. Now, the change will go into effect at all 2,900 McDonald’s locations nationwide from Friday October 7. Along with paper straws, the wooden cutlery will include spoons, forks, knives and muddlers.

The switch to paper and wood will apparently help reduce plastic by a whopping 900 tonnes. Following the change, McDonald's is also looking towards developing other eco-friendly packaging that could be introduced in the near future.

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