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Price increase for FamilyMart's Famichiki fried chicken after Christmas

The convenience store’s famous Famichiki fried chicken and other hot food items will be more expensive from December 26

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Earlier this year, it was announced that thousands of food items would be hit with a price hike due to Japan’s weak yen and the rising cost of raw ingredients. For the convenience store chain FamilyMart, inflation is mainly affecting its hot food products, including the popular Famichiki fried chicken. 

To give you an idea of the new pricing, here's a breakdown of what you'll be paying for some of FamilyMart’s hot food items: 

  • Famichiki: ¥198 to ¥220
  • Plain Crispy Chicken: ¥160 to ¥178
  • Habanero Hot Crispy Chicken: ¥160 to ¥178 
  • Spicy Chicken: ¥160 to ¥185
  • Jumbo Frank: ¥168 to ¥190
  • Hashed Potato: ¥108 to ¥128
  • American Corn Dog: ¥118 to ¥138
  • Tsukune Chicken Skewer: ¥140 to ¥160
  • Charcoal-grilled chicken thigh: ¥108 to ¥128
  • Charcoal-grilled chicken tenderloin ¥108 to ¥128
  • Charcoal-grilled chicken skin: ¥108 to ¥128 

The price change will go into effect on Monday December 26. People reacting to the news online have been generally disappointed with the cost increase. However, the decision by FamilyMart to leave prices the same on Christmas Day has gone down well as Christmas is a popular time to eat fried chicken in Japan.

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