Tokyo ranked one of the top ten safest cities in the world for travel in 2023

Female travellers rated Tokyo at No 1 in terms of safety in this global survey

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Expats may have a few gripes about living here, but one thing indisputable about Tokyo is that it's incredibly safe. The city has consistently ranked among the top ten cities in numerous surveys, most recently in one by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP).

Last month, the American insurance company released a list of cities around the world that are considered to be the safest places to visit in 2023. The ranking included 29 cities in total, selected from readily available lists of the world’s most popular destinations from companies like Expedia and American Express.

Survey respondents were then asked to rate the cities on the list that they had visited based on their personal experiences. Finally, BHTP factored in ratings from recent surveys, including the biennial safe-cities index from The Economist.

Here are the top 15:

1. Reykjavik
2. Copenhagen
3. Montreal
4. Amsterdam
5. Seoul
6. Singapore
7. Tokyo
8. Berlin
9. London
10. Sydney
11. Barcelona
12. Honolulu
13. Rome
14. Dubai
15. Paris

BHTP noted that the perceptions survey respondents had of each city varied greatly depending on their age, gender and income. According to the firm, female travellers rated Tokyo at No 1 in terms of safety.

Tokyo's overall position at No 7 may come as a surprise to some, seeing as it was among the top three in the same survey last year. Now that the government has reopened borders to independent tourists and resumed visa-free travel, however, Tokyo has a chance to redeem itself for next year’s survey.

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