Garden Necklace Yokohama
Photo: Garden Necklace Yokohama

See all the spring flowers in bloom at Garden Necklace Yokohama for free

Parks and gardens in Yokohama are bursting with colourful cherry blossoms, tulips, roses and more

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, and many of us are excited to spend time in the outdoors. Cherry blossoms may get all the love and attention this season, but there are still a host of other flowers blooming all across Greater Tokyo. And you can see all of them at this two-month-long event in Yokohama.

Happening from March 26 to June 12, the annual Garden Necklace highlights some of Yokohama’s most impressive flower gardens and parks, where you’ll find beautiful spring florals like cherry blossoms, tulips and roses. All the venues under this event are free to visit, except for the Yokohama English Garden, which has an admission fee of ¥700 to ¥1,200 (¥300-¥600 for children) depending on the week.

Here’s the breakdown of Garden Necklace Yokohama: what flowers are blooming when and where you can see them.

Garden Necklace Yokohama
Photo: Garden Necklace Yokohama

Cherry blossoms

Where: Yamashita Park, Sakura-dori, Kisha-michi Bridge, Ooka River, Motomachi Park
When: End of March to early April

Garden Necklace kicks off at Sakura-dori, a street that gets its name from the 100 someiyoshino sakura trees that grow along it. If you visit during peak bloom, you’ll be able to enjoy the pink blossoms from the starting point at Sakuragicho Station all the way to Yokohama Landmark tower and further until Pacifico Yokohama

Moreover, the cherry trees along the Ooka River (between Kannon Bridge and Idogaya Bridge) will be lit up in the evening from March 26 to April 11. There are also cherry blossoms to be found at Kisha-michi Bridge and Motomachi Park.

Garden Necklace Yokohama
Photo: Garden Necklace Yokohama


Where: Yokohama Park, Nihon Odori, Shinko Central Square, Yamashita Park
When: Early to mid-April

Visit Yokohama Park in April to see a whopping 120,000 red, pink, orange and yellow tulips. You should also make your way to Nihon Odori, Shinko Central Square and Yamashita Park to see even more gorgeous scenery of tulips in bloom.

Garden Necklace Yokohama
Photo: Garden Necklace Yokohama


Where: Yamashita Park, Minato-no-mieru-oka Park, Yamate Italian Garden, Yokohama English Garden
When: Early to end-May

Enjoy walking through Yamashita Park, which has around 1,900 roses across 160 species at its Future Rose Garden. You should also visit Minato-no-mieru-oka Park for the impressive collection of roses in its three gardens. Don’t miss the Scented Garden, where you can walk through a tunnel of roses and compare the scent of the different species.

Garden Necklace Yokohama
Photo: Garden Necklace Yokohama

Satoyama Garden

When: March 26 to May 8

Satoyama Garden’s annual spring celebration will decorate its 10,000sqm grounds with a colourful variety of blooms. The pastel-coloured flower field will feature pansies, violas and nemophilas in addition to tulips and cherry blossoms.

The Welcome Garden at the entrance, on the other hand, will be designed by famous actor and ambassador of Satoyama Garden, Masashi Mikami. Here you’ll find various edible flowers, veggies and herbs.

Satoyama Garden will be open from 9.30am to 4.30pm daily and is free to visit.

For more information, see Garden Necklace Yokohama's event website.

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