Starbucks iced matcha tea latte
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Starbucks Japan finally adds iced matcha tea latte to its menu

You can quench your thirst with a refreshing iced matcha latte from Starbucks – just in time for summer

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Ever since Starbucks introduced matcha on its menu, this quintessential Japanese tea has become a mainstay for Starbucks drinkers around the world. Surprisingly, though, Starbucks in Japan has only ever offered its matcha latte in hot form on the regular menu, with iced versions just appearing during special seasonal promotions. 

But just in time for summer, Starbucks Japan has officially announced that it will be adding the iced matcha tea latte to its regular menu from Wednesday June 14. The iced matcha tea latte will be available at most Starbucks outlets nationwide starting at ¥460 for a short size (¥452 for takeaway), ¥500 for a tall (¥491), ¥545 for a grande (¥535) and ¥590 for a venti (¥579).

Now that you’ll be able to order the matcha tea latte year-round, you can switch things up between your usual iced latte and the matcha frappuccino on your next caffeine run. 

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