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Starbucks Japan’s exclusive 2024 cherry blossom collection is here

Sakura season has arrived at Starbucks, with Japan-exclusive merchandise including mugs, tumblers and stationery

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

As we anticipate an earlier than usual cherry blossom season in Japan come March, Starbucks is already rolling out its highly-coveted annual cherry blossom merchandise. The collection is now available in stores as well as online. If you’re planning to buy in stores, we recommend getting to Starbucks early, as people often line up well before opening time to snag these coveted pieces.

This year’s Japan-exclusive sakura collection includes mugs and tumblers as well as notebooks, gift cards, mini cups and a cute shopping bag. Here’s the full list of merchandise – with prices.

  • Handy Stainless Steel Bottle Vivid Pink (500ml, ¥5,500)
  • Stainless Steel To Go Cup Tumbler Colorful Petal (355ml, ¥4,400) 
  • Stainless Steel Logo Bottle Baby Pink (473ml, ¥4,900) 
  • Stainless Steel Mini Bottle White (355ml, ¥4,900)
  • Carved Stainless Steel Bottle Colorful Petal (355ml, ¥4,600)
  • 3-way Stainless Tumbler Stanley Glitter Vivid Pink (473ml, ¥4,600)
  • Stainless Steel Bottle Stanley Glitter Purple (473ml, ¥5,300)
  • Water In Tumbler Pink Glitter (473ml, ¥2,500)
  • Cold Cup Tumbler Sequins (651ml, ¥2,600)
  • Bottle Blush Pink (473ml, ¥2,200)
  • Mug Flower Emboss (355ml, ¥2,300)
  • Mug Colorful Petal (355ml, ¥2,450)
  • Color Changing Mug (355ml, ¥2,550)
  • Heat Resistant Glass Mug (355ml, ¥2,600) 
  • Bead Handle Heat Resistant Glass Mug (296ml, ¥2,800)
  • Beverage Card Pink (¥700)
  • Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Colorful Petal (¥1,050)
  • Bearista Message Gift (¥1,500)
  • Cold Craft Paper Shopper (¥2,350)
  • Color Changing Reusable Cup (473ml, ¥600) 
  • Reusable Cup Exclusive Drink Cap Bearista (¥1,200)
  • Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook Baby Pink/Pink (¥500 each)

The 2024 sakura collection is complemented by two new seasonal drinks: the Hanami Dango Frappuccino and the Hanami Sakura Cream. The Hanami Dango Frappuccino, available only in tall size for ¥690 (¥678 for takeaway), features chewy bits of dango (rice flour dumplings) on top and inside the drink, which is a blend of white bean paste, sakura and strawberry sauce. 

The Hanami Sakura Cream, on the other hand, is a warm drink. It comes in all sizes, starting from short for ¥550 (¥540 for takeaway). The drink combines warm steamed milk with cherry blossom- and caramel-flavoured syrups, and topped with crispy flakes of sakura feuilletine. 

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