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Photo: Roméo A/UnsplashSuper Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan reopens after fire

Fire Flowers not to blame: an incident at Yoshi's Adventure has led to the temporary closure of the ride

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Earlier this year, Super Nintendo World in Osaka finally opened its doors to eager fans and visitors looking to experience the Mario universe in real life. Highlights of the theme park include life-sized Goombas and Piranha Plants and, of course, rides like the Mario Kart coaster and Yoshi’s Adventure.

While Mario usually has no problem bouncing back in the games, Super Nintendo World needed a little help on Tuesday night. A maintenance worker spotted a fire coming from an indoor section of Yoshi’s Adventure, which immediately prompted firetrucks and emergency services to rush to the scene. Thankfully, the theme park was already closed at the time and there were no injuries. 

The park area was temporarily shuttered on Wednesday November 24, but an official tweet from Universal Studios Japan (see above) says Super Nintendo World has reopened today (November 25). However, if you do plan on visiting, note that the Yoshi’s Adventure ride is still temporarily closed. For more updates, keep an eye on USJ’s official Twitter

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