Pringles karaage
Photo: Pringles; design: Zineb Bektachi

The new fried chicken-flavoured Pringles is only available in Japan

Two of the best things in life in one bite – these chips go on sale January 25

Tabea Greuner
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Tabea Greuner

Pringles in Japan is known for its unusual, country-exclusive flavours, such as the ramen and fried chicken wing chips that were released last year. Now, the ubiquitous snack brand is kicking off the new year with yet another innovative flavour exclusive to Japan. The new limited-edition Pringles is inspired by karaage fried chicken, a Japanese comfort food served everywhere from the izakaya to the snack counter at your local konbini.

Usually served with a wedge of lemon, the bite-sized chickeny goodness is first seasoned and coated in flour before being deep fried, resulting in a juicy morsel of meat encased in an addictively crunchy exterior. To re-create this beloved Japanese snack in the form of chips, these Pringles are flavoured with a fried chicken seasoning made from a variety of spices including onion and garlic powder.

The new karaage Pringles come in two sizes, a small 53g tube and a larger one at 110g.  They go on sale across Japan for a limited time only from January 25.

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