The themed rooms at Mysterious Inn Kyoto feature ghost scares, bouldering walls and more

Kasey Furutani
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Kasey Furutani

Sometimes we want to satisfy our inner child, the one who wants to forget about responsibilities and just play. Even while on vacation, we tend to forget the fun of it all and focus on an itinerary instead. Kyoto’s newest guesthouse, The Mysterious Inn, is here to change that. 

The Mysterious Inn is a stark contrast to the traditional temples of Kyoto. The new guesthouse features eleven rooms, each with its own theme. Fancy staying up all night bouldering, talking to ancient spirits or surviving a mini house of horrors? You can at the Mysterious Inn, from ¥7,500 a night. 

Each room is its own box of curiosities. Just in time for Halloween, the Scary Room has a dial that lets guests crank up the spook factor, from 'one', light scares, to 'max', full-blown waking nightmares. Each fear level is like a game, with flashing lights and frightening props hidden in the room. 

Not all rooms exude creepy vibes though. The Active Room has a bouldering wall and exercise equipment to help burn off the delicious Kyoto sweets. The oddly named Breeding Room is covered with buttons that play different tunes. When guests press multiple buttons, they can create their own song.

mysterious inn cafe

All guests have access to the Occasional Moving Café, a twee coffeeshop where guests order a song with a side of coffee. When the song plays, the fixtures in the café will be bopping in tune with the music, along with spinning lamps and dancing decorations. The playful café also has other hidden features, like a fortune-telling pole, which guests have explore to find.

Book one of the eleven rooms on the official website. Looking for more unique places to stay in Tokyo instead? Check out these capsule hotels, library-hotels and ryokan.

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