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Photo: Yoho Brewing; design: Zineb Bektachi

This craft beer from Yoho Brewing is now on sale at Lawson for a limited time

Boku Beer, Kimi Beer: Yorimichi is back by popular demand – and the American wheat beer is exclusive to Lawson

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Yoho Brewing is one of Japan’s most popular craft beer brands. Best known for its brewpub Yona Yona Beer Works, located in eight neighbourhoods around Tokyo, you’ll see the brand’s colourful, eye-catching cans of beer stocked on shelves at most supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Now, there’s another one to keep an eye out for next time you’re at Lawson and it's got a mouthful of a name – Boku Beer, Kimi Beer: Yorimichi.

Since 2014, Yoho Brewing has produced a series of beers called Boku Beer, Kimi Beer (My Beer, Your Beer) sold exclusively at Lawson. The beers all feature an adorable frog on their cans and are targeted at younger craft beer drinkers. 

Over the years, several limited-time brews have been released in the series, so in January, Yoho Brewing launched a social media campaign asking fans to vote for their favourite Boku Beer, Kimi Beer release to bring back.

After about two weeks of voting, Boku Beer, Kimi Beer: Yorimichi was named the fan favourite and made a comeback to Lawson shelves nationwide on April 27. The American wheat craft beer tastes and looks exactly like it did when first released back in 2016, with an unforgettable aftertaste of passion fruit, mango and citrus.

Cans cost ¥267 each and they’re only available while supplies last, so be sure to grab one before they disappear.

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