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No more plastic: Muji now bottles its drinks in aluminum cans

Muji’s ready-to-drink beverages including tea and soda are no longer sold in plastic Pet bottles

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

World-renowned Japanese lifestyle brand Muji has taken a big step towards reducing its use of plastic by swapping its Pet bottles for aluminum cans. At many Muji stores, you’d typically find ready-to-consume drinks such as tea and soda sold in plastic bottles, but now they come in aluminum cans like the ones used for Muji’s coffee.

Muji’s decision is based on the fact that aluminum cans are easier to recycle and typically have a higher reuse rate compared to plastic bottles. According to data from the Japan Aluminum Can Recycling Association, approximately 98 percent of aluminum cans are recycled in the country. 

Another bonus of using aluminum cans is that the material blocks out light. This helps prolong the shelf life of the products and in turn, reduces food (and drink) waste. The Muji beverages that now come in aluminum cans include seven teas and five soft drinks.

If you’re looking to avoid purchasing any disposable bottled beverages of any sort, selected Muji stores now have water dispensers where you can fill up your reusable bottle free of charge. This free water initiative started last summer and you can find the participating stores here.

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