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Tokyo residents can get ¥5,000 staycation discount with the Motto Tokyo campaign

The popular travel subsidy for hotel stays and day trips is back to encourage Tokyoites to vacation in the city

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Tabea Greuner

Good news for Tokyoites. As Covid-19 cases continue to decline over the past few months, the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau is bringing back the Motto Tokyo travel subsidy to encourage Tokyo residents to vacation within the city.

With this staycation campaign, hotel stays in Tokyo costing at least ¥6,000 per person per night will get a ¥5,000 discount per person per night. This benefit is redeemable for up to five consecutive nights per person at any time.

Those who opt for a day trip within Tokyo can get a discount of ¥2,500 per person when spending ¥3,000 or more on tours. Tokyoites under the age of 18 will receive a better deal as they’ll get an additional ¥1,000 discount per person for both hotel stays and day trips.

Motto Tokyo discount packages go on sale this Friday June 10 for hotel stays and tours between June 10 and July 31 (hotel check-out on August 1 included). There is no limit on the number of times you can utilise the Motto Tokyo discount.

The deals will be available through travel agencies and selected Tokyo hotels and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). A list of participating agencies and accommodations will be available on the campaign website on June 10 at 12noon. However, you’ll have to contact each agency and hotel directly to find out when their respective offers go on sale. The Motto Tokyo campaign is expected to provide discounts for up to 250,000 hotel nights.

Note that you’ll have to be triple vaxxed to be eligible for the campaign, or bring a negative Covid-19 test certificate on the day of your travel. You’ll also need proof that you're a Tokyo resident, so don’t forget to bring your zairyu residence card.

The Motto Tokyo campaign was so popular back when it was launched in 2020 that all the offers were snatched up within an hour on the release day. So plan your travel in advance to not miss out on this opportunity. 

According to Nikkei Keizai Shimbun (in Japanese only), the government is currently considering bringing back the Go to Travel campaign this summer. If that happens, you’ll be able to use both travel subsidies at the same time for greater savings.

For more information on Motto Tokyo, see the campaign website (in Japanese only).

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