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Videos: This is what your visit to Tokyo Disney Resort will now look like

Keep an eye out for temperature checks, social distancing in queues, and QR code menus at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

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Tabea Greuner

As of July 1, Disneyland and DisneySea have reopened, and with that, Tokyo Disney Resort has released a series of videos to showcase the many new measures and guidelines that have been implemented to ensure the safety of park visitors and staff. The videos are in Japanese, but there’s plenty of demonstrations to help you get the gist.

From now on, you can’t just spontaneously rock up to Disneyland or DisneySea for a full day of fun – the new rules require you to purchase your ticket online in advance. Social distancing is one of the most important safety measures both Disney parks have implemented, and it starts in front of the entrance gates. Taped sections on the ground indicate where you’ll have to line up to stay a safe distance apart from the next group of visitors.

Before being granted admission, your temperature will be checked. Masks are mandatory, and social distancing is required throughout the park, with plenty of markers to help you get by. On rides, for example, there will always be an empty row of seats between you and other visitors. And don’t forget, screaming on rides is strongly discouraged.

The on-site restaurants will limit the numbers of dine-in customers, and physical menus have been replaced with QR codes on each table. Just scan the code with your phone, and the menu will pop up. Also, cutlery, napkins, sugar and other necessary items for your meal will be handed out directly by the staff. 

Your souvenir hunt will see some changes as well, since entry numbers to the shops will be limited for safety reasons. You’re encouraged to refrain from trying on items, and you should only pick up products you’re planning to buy. You could also shop for merchandise directly via the Disney Resort App, a feature which is only accessible while you’re inside the park. 

Unfortunately, you also have to forgo cuddles and high-fives with your favourite Disney characters. Typical summer events, shows and parades have been suspended as well. Some attractions remain closed and the photo services at Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, and Tower of Terror have been suspended. The Central First Aid stations are closed, too, so make sure to bring your own medication, such as aspirin, in case you feel ill.  

All these new safety rules and guidelines will certainly change the way we experience the happiest place on Earth, but we’re sure Disney fans will be glad to adapt in order to see their favourite characters again.

For more information, check out Tokyo Disney Resort’s official website.

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