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    Photo: Keisuke TanigawaThe decadent seasonal fruit sandwiches at Da Cafe Ebisu
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12 best fruit sandwiches in Tokyo

This typical Japanese treat becomes a beautiful, indulgent dessert at these fruit-centric cafés and bakeries

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Time Out Tokyo Editors

A quintessential Japanese dessert, fruit sandwiches are much more than just a cute snack. Sure, they're pieces of fruit covered with cream and pressed between slices of bread. And sure, they're available in every konbini, but they've simultaneously been elevated to an almost gourmet status.

From the slicing of the fruit to the selection of the fluffy bread, there's an art to this treat and these Tokyo bakeries, cafés and fruit parlours have mastered it. Some fruit sando are jam-packed, some are thinly sliced – every place puts a different spin on them – but every single sandwich on this list is juicy and delicious.

Note that due to Covid-19 safety rules, many cafés, restaurants and bars are currently closing early at 8pm. Please check with the individual outlets for the latest updates.

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Slice of life

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  • Setagaya

For fans of fruit sandwich, The Tokyo Fruits is reliable choice. The fruit here is sourced from all over Japan and only the highest-quality selection made the cut.

Counter-intuitively, freshly picked fruits are not ideal for a fruit sandwich. Oranges, for example, will be high in acidity right after plucking, upsetting the balance of flavours in the sandwich. For best results, the fruits are left to sit until they’ve reached the ideal level of sweetness. And since the sugar content varies from fruit to fruit, the cream is adjusted depending on its fruit counterpart in order to achieve the perfect amount of sweetness in the sandwich.

Of course, we can’t not mention the bread here, which is all baked on site, specially made for fruit sandwiches, with a delectable fluffy texture.

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  • Ebisu

Daiwa, the popular fruit sandwich store in Nakameguro (see the next item on this list) run by a greengrocer from Aichi prefecture, also has a café. Da Café Ebisu not only serves premium, seasonal fruit sandwiches, but also offers fruity parfaits, drinks and more. The fruit sando, however, are only for eating in and the fillings change regularly depending what fruits are in season. You’ll usually find two or three different kinds but its spring flavours include strawberries (¥2,000) and Miyazaki mango (¥5,000).

Although the price point here is much steeper than its sister shop’s takeaway versions, what you're getting are premium ingredients. Plus, each order comes with extra fruit and soft-serve ice cream on the side – everything is perfectly cut and beautifully presented.

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  • Nakameguro

Aichi prefecture’s produce supermarket Daiwa brings its famous fruit sandwiches to Nakameguro. This take-away sandwich shop attracts queues on the weekends for the unique lineup of sandwiches including kiwi, pear, grape and even high grade Miyazaki mango.

The classic strawberry sandwich, which has copious amounts of whipped cream and strawberry sandwiched between two slices of white bread, comes in three variants – and at three different price points – each with a different type of strawberry. The menu can change daily depending on what’s in season.

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  • Ginza

The bread is front-and-centre at this bakery. Weekdays usually see a line out the door, with customers clamouring for the famous loaves to take home. What sets this place apart, however, is that while most bakeries put together fruit sandwiches with day-old bread, the sandwiches here are all made with bread that’s fresh out of the oven – which explains why the fruit sandwiches only go on sale from 11am, an hour after the bakery's opening time.

The cream in these sandwiches is a combination of fresh cream, mascarpone and custard. You might think that such a rich combination would overpower the flavour from the fruit, but it’s actually perfectly light and well-balanced.

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  • Shimokitazawa

Behind a bright blue facade with cubism-inspired windows sits a fruit sandwich shop by Bread and Espresso. The first thing to try here is their namesake sandwich: ‘futsu ni fruits’. These sandwiches are all about the volume, with chunky slices of banana, pink grapefruit, orange and kiwi all stuffed right in.

As the name of the place would suggest – ‘simple fruits’ in English – they’re careful not to make the sandwiches too decadent and dessert-like, with a sweetness level that’s not overpowering. The bread is, of course, from Bread and Espresso, baked specially for use in these fruit sandwiches.

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  • Shimo-Takaido

Just a few minutes’ walk from the west exit of Shimo-Takaido station, this beloved fruit sandwich  shop offers a plethora of parfaits, shaved ice desserts and freshly squeezed fruit juices in addition to the sandwiches. 

The regular fruit sandwich goes for ¥880, but we recommend splurging on the Special Fruit Sandwich with extra-large fruit slices, which comes in at ¥990. You’ll be surprised to find that very little on the menu exceeds ¥1,000. You’ll find all kinds of fruit here, from strawberry to mango and even avocado, served up in big, oversized helpings. Fruit sandwiches are also available for takeaway, with each pack including four large slices.

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  • Meguro

On first impression, you might be surprised to find that the seasonal fruit sandwiches here come with a small helping of veggie salad. The sandwiches are full to the point of bulging, with the cream and fruits really packing the volume, creating a juicy bite. Between the 1cm thick slices of bread, you'll find at least eight different fruits, including strawberries, mangos and blueberries.

Takano Fruit Parlour Pafério
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  • Shinjuku

If you like your fruit with a hearty helping of cream and sweet toppings, this is the place for you. Hidden under fruit specialist Takano's Shinjuku shop, this parfait-focused café serves up some of the most decadent dessert creations in the area. Three choices of parfait are always on the menu: muskmelon (¥2,530), mixed fruit (¥1,430) and banana-chocolate (¥1,100), while the seasonal specialities are also very well worth a shot. 

Whatever you choose, don’t miss out on the fruit sandwich, which features the best cuts of strawberry, kiwi, mango and banana between two fluffy white slices of bread. A luxurious full-course fruit meal is also on offer with dishes changing regularly depending on the theme. Even the savoury items on the menu, like soup and roast meat, are topped with fruits.

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  • Kyodo

Hotcakes are obviously a speciality at this place, but be sure to try the fruit sandwich set (¥1,170), which puts a new spin on the classic sweet treat. It uses hotcakes instead of slices of bread, filled with seasonal fruit and whipped cream in between, and comes with your drink of choice.

There are also additional savoury options like ham and katsu, or egg and cheese, sandwiches which are available for takeout for only ¥380. The interior of the café has a simple, warm plain-wood finish, sort of like you’re sitting in a workshop.

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  • Shibuya

You may have passed by this fruit parlour located in Shibuya’s Dogenzaka nightlife district without noticing it – after all, the neighbourhood is lined with enticing shops, restaurants and bars. But the fruit sandwiches here are worth much more than a casual glance.

The first floor houses a fruit shop and juice stand, while the parlour on the second floor offers a range of desserts including the shop’s popular Japanese fruit sandwiches. The standard fruit sandwich (¥1,000) features just strawberries, but if you’re willing to splurge, get the premium fruit sandwich (¥1,850) packed with a variety of seasonal fruits in addition to the juicy strawberries. You can also opt for a mixed set of sweet and savoury sandwiches (¥1,000), which includes strawberry, plus a few egg and ham sandwiches.

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  • Kayabacho

Since it first opened in 1952, this shop next to Kayabacho station has been known to locals for its premium fruit selection. At the back of the shop is a café where you can try some of the delectable fruits in desserts like smoothies, cakes and parfaits.

Regulars come for the voluminous fruit sandwich (¥430) packed with four to five different fruits and thin layers of whipped cream, or the amaou strawberry fruit sandwich (¥540) featuring three large, perfectly ripe strawberries. We recommend visiting earlier in the day, since there’s a limited quantity of sandwiches available each day and they sell out quickly.

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  • Minato

This fruit parlour hidden in the back streets of Akasaka specialises in warm hotcakes and fruit desserts. The hotcakes here are perfectly round with a crispy outer layer and a fluffy inside. You could go for standard hotcakes (¥750), but we recommend the fruit cream hotcakes (¥1,300), which come topped with seasonal fruit and whipped cream. There’s also a selection of unique sandwiches including a fruit sandwich (¥1,700, half size ¥900) and an avocado and roast ham sandwich (¥1,700, half size ¥900), both of which are made using hotcakes instead of bread slices and are available for takeout.

Don’t forget the seasonal fruit parfaits topped with ice cream, nata de coco and copious amounts of fruit. The basic fruit parfait (¥1,800) and banana chocolate parfait (¥1,500) are offered year-round, but premium flavours (from ¥2,000), like mango and peach during the summer, or chestnut and strawberry in autumn and winter, are not to be missed.

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