Top five Ginza restaurants for an exclusive dinner experience

Special occasion? Treat yourself or a special someone to the finest cuisine in Tokyo
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In collaboration with Pocket Concierge

Got a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion coming up? Booking your favourite neighbourhood eatery – once again – is usually acceptable, but don't we all want a little excitement in our lives every now and then? As far as culinary experiences in Tokyo go, there are very few that beat dinner at one of Ginza's top-grade restaurants. But since such an evening can set you back well over ¥20,000 per person, choosing the right place becomes crucial. 

That's where we come in: teaming up with crack restaurant booking service Pocket Concierge, we've picked out five top-of-the-line Ginza restaurants that offer both unforgettable food and good value. These are also joints that can be devilishly difficult to get into – but not if you take advantage of our direct booking service, which allows you to confirm the bill in advance. Check out the list, make your choice and prepare for an evening in culinary nirvana.

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The Ginza top five

Restaurants, Japanese


icon-location-pin Higashi-Ginza

A back alley Ginza classic, Yamaji has been attracting a tightly knit group of regulars for well over 25 years now, but has recently become slightly more accessible to first-timers as well. It's a small place, with less than ten counter seats and a couple of private rooms...

Restaurants, Japanese

Kappo Chiei

icon-location-pin Ginza

One of Ginza's many tiny but excellent kappo restaurants, Chiei is hidden away in a basement just off Chuo-dori. Run by a jovial chef who crafts diverse Kansai-style cuisine mainly from seafood sourced from Kobe's Akashi...

Restaurants, Spanish


icon-location-pin Ginza

When Zurriola packed up and moved from Azabu-Juban to a new and shiny building in Ginza last year, some feared the demise of one of Tokyo's finest Spanish restaurants. Those fears turned out to be unfounded, as chef Honda has managed to maintain his touch even after the trek...

Restaurants, Sushi

Sushi Karaku

icon-location-pin Ginza

Ever paired your sushi with wine? Karaku's Kiminari Togawa is both a veteran itamae and a certified sommelier, and was among the first in the world to offer omakase sushi with wine pairings. Instead of the usual Ginza approach...

Restaurants, Italian

Ristorante Fèffe

icon-location-pin Ginza

Chef Koji Kobayashi is a pioneer of fine Italian dining in Japan, with his restaurant empire both loved and loathed by Tokyo's gourmands. After closing the well-supported Antica Trattoria Nostalgica in Meguro, he's now taking on Ginza with this upscale spot...

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