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Where to get roast turkey and chicken in Tokyo for Christmas

No oven, no problem. Here are the best takeaway roasts for a traditional Christmas dinner at home

By Emma Steen

If you’re the designated host for your friends and family Christmas dinner, you might be accustomed to the usual holiday chaos: frantically juggling four hot pans over a stove that’s way too small, and cursing when you realise you forgot a key ingredient. In the end, your efforts don’t go in vain – thank goodness – and you’re congratulated on your impeccable cooking skills just like the previous year.

But let’s be honest: 2020 has been hard enough as it is. Do you really want to be on the brink of emotional collapse worrying about the best way to brine your turkey? Give yourself a break. You can still throw a smashing celebration by picking up a ready-made roast chicken or turkey – and dazzle your guests even more with one of these stunning Christmas cakes. All you need to do is put in your order, pick it up on the day, and keep the drinks flowing. 

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Roast chicken

Rotisserie Chicken Alze

Restaurants Eclectic Nishi-Azabu

For a solid rotisserie chicken meal, look no further than Alze Roppongi. This speciality joint sells spit-roasted chicken in whole, half or quarter pieces. You could prepare your own sides to accompany the roast but Alze’s menu also offers salads, appetisers, pastas and rice dishes for a cosy, fuss-free dinner. The best bit? You don’t necessarily have to go and get it yourself. Alze provides delivery services for a small fee – depending on your location –  so you won’t have to brave the cold. Half ¥3,200, whole ¥1,780.

Roast Chicken

Farmer's Chicken

Restaurants Delis Tamachi

You'll always find local office workers queueing up for takeaway lunch at Farmer's Chicken, located along the Daiichi Keihin in Mita. Their tasty rotisserie chicken is seasoned with a ten-herb mix heavy on rosemary, resulting in a burst of flavour every time you bite into the juicy bird. A whole chicken will set you back ¥1,900, while the lunch sets, which come with salad, roast potatoes and rice, cost ¥1,150. Call beforehand to avoid the trouble of waiting in line.

Roast Turkey
Photo: Luca Deli

Luca Deli

This American-style Christmas dinner by Luca’s Deli comes with more sides than you could fit on your plate. A traditional roast turkey, available in different sizes, is flanked by seven different accompaniments – and that’s not even counting the sauces and puddings.

Potatoes? You’ve got truffle potato gratin, rosemary mash and sweet potato casserole to choose from. Follow that up with maple bacon brussel sprouts, cornbread as well as chestnut and mushroom stuffing with some gravy and you might have to wait a while before you have room for dessert. For that you have chestnut cupcakes with chocolate frosting, pumpkin cupcakes with brandy ginger frosting, and pumpkin pie with chantilly cream. Portions can be customised to feed between two and forty people (though it might be best to stick to smaller groups this year) and orders above ¥20,000 come with free delivery. From ¥9,800

Grand Hyatt Roast Chicken
Photo: Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Hotels Roppongi

Living up to its reputation, the Grand Hyatt has planned an equally grand takeout menu suitable for a party of four to six people. The 1.8kg roast chicken, which is served with chestnut gravy, winter vegetables and a potato gratin, is provided by the hotel’s steakhouse, The Oakdoor. The French Kitchen, on the other hand, dishes up appetisers including blinis with house smoked salmon as well as foie gras and chicken terrine with lingonberry compote. Dessert is a basket of baked goods from the Fiorentina Pastry boutique: gingerbread, shortbread biscuits and cinnamon stollen. Pick up is available from December 9 to December 31. ¥36,720

Roast chicken
Photo: Hotel Seiyo Ginza

Daimaru Tokyo

Shopping Department stores Marunouchi

Forget your traditional bread stuffing – try something different this year with the roast chicken from Hotel Seiyo Ginza, a small boutique hotel with restaurants specialising in French and Italian cuisines. The chicken is stuffed with a truffle and foie gras risotto, giving the meat a richer flavour. You can arrange to pick up your order from the depachika of Daimaru between December 23 and December 25. ¥4,968

Roast chicken
Photo: Buvette


Party of two? This Christmas kit from Tokyo Midtown’s Buvette could be right up your alley. The spread includes a medley of holiday favourites from different parts of the world, such as salmon rillettes, green beans & potatoes, tarte tatin and chocolate mousse, accompanied by a roast spring chicken. Priced at ¥9,000, each set serves two. Orders must be made by December 16 for pick-up between December 23 and December 25. ¥9,000

Queen of Chickens
Photo: Queen of Chickens

Queen of Chickens Shinbashi

Restaurants Diners Shinbashi

Queen of Chickens is so popular that it has locations as far away as Guangzhou. Clearly, the restaurant chain is doing something right. The recipe for its signature chicken involves marinating the meat for two days in herbs and seasonings before it’s cooked in a rotisserie machine until the skin is crisp and golden. You can order a chicken whole, halved or quartered, and it’s tastiest when accompanied by roast potatoes and gravy, also served at the shop. Half ¥1,380, whole ¥2,480.

The Pink Cow

The Pink Cow

Bars and pubs Roppongi

Vegans and vegetarians are often left with limited options around the holiday table come December, but the Pink Cow has you covered this Christmas even if you’re on a plant based diet. On top of its annual Christmas buffet, the Roppongi restaurant is also offering takeout options for Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Sets are ¥3,500 per person and they include gravy, homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mixed vegetable medley, peas and baked sweet potatoes and a dessert. The main dish can either be a traditional roast turkey or vegan turkey loaf. Place your orders before December 17 and be sure to specify the number of people who require the vegan option. Gluten-free menus are also available upon request. ¥3,500

Photo: Isho Washigoro Shoten

Ginza Mitsukoshi

Shopping Ginza

For a cozy dinner without the fuss of carving meat, grab a couple of these chicken legs to go from Ginza Mitsukoshi’s depachika. The chicken is a specific breed called Nagoya Cochin, considered to be juicier and more flavourful than other types of chicken. The meat is marinated in a soy-based glaze before grilling, giving the thighs their beautiful golden brown colour.¥1,601

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