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Where to get roast turkey and chicken in Tokyo for Christmas

No oven? No problem. Here are the best takeaway roasts for a traditional Christmas dinner at home

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Emma Steen

If you’re the designated host for Christmas dinner, you might be accustomed to the usual holiday chaos: frantically juggling four hot pans over a stove that’s way too small, and cursing when you realise you forgot a key ingredient. In the end, you’re congratulated on your impeccable cooking skills, but we wouldn't blame you for feeling like that's not enough.

Let’s be honest: the holiday season is hectic enough as it is. Do you really want to be on the brink of emotional collapse worrying about the best way to brine your turkey? Give yourself a break. You can still throw a smashing celebration by picking up a ready-made roast chicken or turkey – and dazzle your guests even more with one of these stunning Christmas cakes. All you need to do is put in your order, pick it up on the day, and keep the drinks flowing. 

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Give 'em the bird

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For a solid rotisserie chicken meal, look no further than Alze Roppongi. This speciality joint sells spit-roasted chicken in whole, half or quarter pieces. You could prepare your own sides to accompany the roast but Alze’s menu also offers salads, appetisers, pastas and rice dishes for a cosy, fuss-free dinner.

The best bit? You don’t necessarily have to go and get it yourself. Alze provides delivery services for a small fee – depending on your location – so you won’t have to brave the cold. Reservations for a whole Christmas chicken (¥3,200) are open now through December 20 (pick-up from December 23 to December 25).

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You'll always find local office workers queueing up for takeaway lunch at Farmer's Chicken, located along the Daiichi Keihin in Mita. The tasty rotisserie chicken is seasoned with a ten-herb mix heavy on rosemary, resulting in a burst of flavour every time you bite into the juicy bird.

A whole chicken will set you back ¥2,400, while the lunch sets, which come with salad, roast potatoes and rice, start at ¥950. Christmas reservations for roast chicken (pick-up only) are available now at mutlple Farmer's Chicken outlets. 

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Christmas cakes aren’t the only holiday provisions on offer at Park Hyatt Tokyo this year. From December 16 to December 25, the hotel's delicatessen will be preparing orders for a two-person festive feast with a choice of herb roasted chicken (¥15,000 per set) or Japanese beef sirloin (¥18,000 per set) as a main course. 

Both sets come with sides of butternut squash and pumpkin velouté, roasted seafood medley with yuzu aioli, and cheesy truffle mashed potatoes, as well as a dessert of hazelnut cake with chestnut cream and pear marmalade. Reservations must be made at least four days in advance.

This American-style Christmas dinner by Luca’s Deli comes with more sides than you could fit on your plate. An extra large turkey, which can feed eight to 12 people, is flanked by seven different accompaniments – and that’s not even counting the sauces and puddings.

Potatoes? You’ve got rosemary mash and sweet potato casserole to choose from. Follow that up with maple bacon brussel sprouts, cornbread as well as chestnut and mushroom stuffing with some gravy, and you might have to wait a while before you have room for the dessert of pumpkin pie with chantilly cream.

The roast turkey itself is ¥29,000 while the set of sides is priced at ¥4,500 per person. For smaller gatherings of two to four people, you can order a roast chicken for ¥9,900. Orders above ¥20,000 come with free delivery. Note that reservations must be made at least five days in advance.

Bond St. Kitchen
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Bond St. Kitchen

Throwing a party? This Christmas kit from Bond St. Kitchen could be right up your alley. This American-style holiday spread for ten people includes a massive turkey with cornbread stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, carrots and potatoes with a side of mushroom gravy for ¥45,000. 

Alternatively, you can order the roast chicken set for four people (total ¥22,000), which comes with hummus, smoked salmon, Louisiana-style crab cakes and caesar salad. Additional sides like biscuits and coleslaw or mashed potatoes can be ordered for an additional fee of ¥1,200 each. Orders must be made by December 16 for pick-up between December 23 and December 25.

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For a cosy get-together with a Japanese twist, check out this holiday-themed roast chicken set from Royal Garden Cafe, which comes with sides served in a festive bento box. The roast chicken is marinated overnight with aromatics like juniper berry before it is roasted. It comes with a balsamic vinegar reduction, roasted vegetables and a stuffing of chestnuts as wild rice.

The set serves three to five people and includes an assortment of hors d'oeuvres like braised beef cheek, octopus confit, truffle mash and pâté de campagne. Sets cost ¥9,800 each and will be available for takeout through December 25. Reservations must be made at least three days in advance. 

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Though it began life as a humble food truck, Tanaka's Roti now has its own permanent outpost in the neighbourhood of Kagurazaka, where it serves its famous rotisserie chicken and potatoes for both eat-in and takeaway.

The chicken, which is marinated in more than ten types of herbs and spices for a full day before it is cooked for an hour on the rotisserie, is offered in full (¥2,700), half ( ¥1,440) and (¥840) quarter sizes. Note that the shop will require reservations for chicken orders from December 23 to December 25 and will only be open for takeout on those days.

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For a cosy dinner without the fuss of carving meat, grab a couple of these chicken legs to go from Yona Yona Beer Works. The chicken comes from the Abukuma mountain ranges of northern Japan and is marinated in a blend of 14 herbs and spices before it’s roasted with salt from Okinawa to bring out the umami.

The meat comes frozen so you can keep it in your freezer until needed. Orders of two half pieces for ¥4,500 can be made online from December 19 until December 21.

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