Fuji Shibazakura Festival
Photo: Fuji Shibazakura FestivalFuji Shibazakura Festival

April 2022 events in Tokyo

Plan your April in Tokyo with our events calendar of the best things to do, including spring festivals, Golden Week fun, concerts and art exhibits


Unless you have serious cedar pollen allergy, April is one of the nicest months in Tokyo: the weather is usually very agreeable, tasty festivals and other outdoor events abound, and there may even be a few cherry blossoms left on the trees here and there. April is also the time for highlights like Tokyo Rainbow Week and Earth Day, all centred around the first half of the Golden Week holiday at the end of the month. Make sure you don't miss out with our guide to the top events going on in Tokyo this April.  

Note: venue opening hours and capacity limits may change depending on current Covid-19 situation.

Our April highlights

  • Things to do

Head up to Ibaraki's Hitachi Seaside Park from mid-April to early May and see a whopping 5.3 million 'baby blue eyes' – also known as nemophila – flowers in full bloom. The hilly grounds span 3.5 hectares and are almost completely covered with the little blue blossoms, making for a pretty spectacular sight.

The blooms are usually at their best from mid- to late April, but they are still a magnificent sight if you catch them a bit earlier or even right after peak bloom. According to this year's forecast, the flowers will be in their full glory between April 22 to 30...

  • Art
  • Nogizaka

A series of cherry blossom paintings might not be what you expected from a man who’s famous for dissected sharks and taxidermied animal sculptures, but here we are! To coincide with the upcoming sakura season, The National Art Center, Tokyo will be exhibiting a number of paintings from Damien Hirst’s latest ‘Cherry Blossoms’ series. 

Often described as the enfant terrible of the art world, Hirst has a penchant for breaking rules, creating installations that prompt visceral reactions from art lovers...

  • Art
  • Waseda

After a brief hiatus, the Yayoi Kusama Museum has reopened, and with it comes an exhibition of the artist's new and recent works which have never been displayed in Japan, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

This showcase consists of a diverse range of Kusama's works that are reminiscent of surrealism, including several pieces she created at the beginning of her career...

  • Things to do
  • Exhibitions
  • Ueno

Interested in seeing where Pokémon came from? The Pokémon Fossil Museum is touring around Japan and will arrive at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno this spring. 

Through illustrations and diagrams, you’ll get to see how the designs of Pokémon from different generations have been inspired by ancient species, including dinosaurs. Plus, you’ll even get to compare real-life fossils with their Pokémon counterparts...

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