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Autumn 2018 issue out now: Your Tokyo eat-list featuring sushi, ramen, kaiseki and more

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Lim Chee Wah

This autumn issue (October-December 2018) is proof that Tokyo is one of the greatest cities for food – and we’re not even talking about the Michelin stars. From the humble ramen to global food sensation sushi, from specialist cafés to elaborate kaiseki meals, you’re bound to have a feast here in the city. So grab a copy of our latest issue and get ready to eat your way around Tokyo.

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Mention Japanese food and these dishes come to mind: udon, ramen, soba, tempura, tonkatsu… But did you know some dishes are more Tokyo than others? Here are ten dishes that are representative of the city, as they are either created or perfected here in the capital.

Hope you brought a big appetite. In this issue, we’ve also listed the best kaiseki restaurants and specialist cafés (sesame ice cream, chiffon sandwich, fruit parfaits, etc) in Tokyo. Plus, as a homage to the city’s longstanding food culture, we take a look at both the old guards as well as the modern restaurants of the local food scene.

Born in Tokyo, sushi has become a global hit. Did you know there are many different types of sushi? Can you tell a gunkan from a temari? And did you know that sushi is about the rice, more than the fish? You’ll be a pro in no time with our guide to sushi.

So you’ve come to Tokyo to shop? Let us help you out with some of the best shops in Tokyo, including one that makes tumblers adorned with beautiful kimono fabric.

Tokyo, the city formerly known as Edo. Revisit its glorious yesteryear at these heritage museums.

Cocktail bars in Tokyo are a serious bunch – and that’s because they have the utmost respect for the drinks, often approaching them with the level of skill and craft similar to a tea ceremony. These bars make the best concoctions in town, regardless of whether you like them shaken or stirred.

Small but mighty – that’s how we describe Tokyo’s capsule hotels, especially since a new generation of them are reinventing the industry with cool new features.

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