1. Yokohama Cross Night Illumination 2021
    Photo: Kit Kriewaldt
  2. Marunouchi Illumination
    Photo: Marunouchi IlluminationMarunouchi Illumination
  3. Tokyo Cruise
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima A Tokyo Cruise ship

January 2023 events in Tokyo

Plan your January in Tokyo with our events calendar of the best things to do, including concerts, winter festivals and art exhibits


January in Tokyo can be cold and dreary, especially once the New Year holidays are over. However, while most of the city illuminations are still up, the first month of the year is also the time for classic winter festivals and ice skating under the starry sky – not to mention the Coming of Age celebrations or those rare but hilarious snowy days when this oh-so-orderly city is thrown into disarray. So calm down, take a break from those New Year's resolutions and check out our picks of the best events Tokyo has to offer.

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Our January highlights

  • Things to do
  • Ice skating

Winter's no excuse to stay inside. In fact, when the cold starts to creep through the wafer-thin walls and shoddy window frames of Tokyo houses and apartments, rather than trying to hide under a mountain of blankets, you might actually be better off engaging in some healthy outdoor activities. Ice skating is obviously something best experienced out in the open, and quality rinks are popping up all around the city.

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