Tori no Ichi festivals in Tokyo

Ensure your luck for the year ahead at this traditional festival marking the coming of winter

Tori no Ichi festivals in Tokyo | Time Out Tokyo
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Celebrated in Tokyo since the latter part of the Edo era, the Tori no Ichi festival is a sure sign that winter is just around the corner. Observed in order to pray for wealth and good fortune for the year ahead, it is held every November on the days of the rooster (tori, one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac) – there are usually two or three of these days in a typical year.

Said to originate at Asakusa's Otori Shrine and nearby Juzaisan Chokokuji temple, the festival is now held at rooster-related shrines and temples all over Tokyo. These are our picks of the most visit-worthy Tori no Ichi markets in the capital, all of which see a warm atmosphere, massive crowds and countless dealers hawking traditional kumade (a colourfully decorated, traditional bamboo rake), which are an essential part of any Tori no Ichi celebration.

Admire the bright winter lights

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