300hr Ytt Yoga And Ayurveda Holistic Teacher Training

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300hr Ytt   Yoga And Ayurveda Holistic Teacher Training
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300hr Ytt Yoga And Ayurveda Holistic Teacher Training says
The divine fusion of Ayurveda & Yoga provides us with the wisdom, support, practice and tools, to create clarity and connection between our inner and outer world. Yoga is an inner journey that allows us to grow within, creating self-integration. Ayurveda is an inner experience that acknowledges our unique needs, and leads us toward self-balance. This beautiful relationship, between Ayurveda & Yoga, helps us to create harmony and unification; connecting the inner and outer Self to support the discovery of the true nature of our being.

Students will learn to identify the Dosha Prakruti or the Bio Energetic constitution, along with specific care, lifestyle and appropriate diets that will support the mind-body-spirit balance. Yoga is fundamentally an inner inquiry; thus students will be encouraged both to be aware of their personal checkpoints, and to explore how each yoga posture feels and manifests within their body.

Focus will be given to the exploration, analysis and practice of the fundamentals of Asana, Ayurvedic Asana, personal development, communication and the individual integration of Ayurveda and Yoga into each students daily life practice.

Students will also learn the integration of the mind-body-spirit through the understanding of the introduction of the Chakras, Nadis and Marmas, the flow of Pranayama and the Integration of five senses with Mantra, Mudras and Meditation.


•Classical Ayurveda & Yoga Philosophy
•Subtle Anatomy & Physiology
•Functional Anatomy and Physiology
•The building blocks of Yoga Asana – for beginners and intermediates
•The principles of Ayurveda
•The safe practices of Asana and the use of props
•Energetics and Therapeutics of Asana
•Practice of Pranayama and Asana according to the Doshas (includes individual time of day and season)
•Pranayama & Bandhas
•The Art of Meditation
•Integrating Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra & Mantra
•Teaching Methodology and Facilitation Skills
•Building your business with Ahimsa, Non-violence

$3500, plus hst.
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By: JAI Yoga and Ayurveda - Centre for Wellness and Education