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Artist Talk: Ccc
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Artist Talk: Ccc says
YYZ is pleased to host an artist talk with exhibiting artist collective, CCC. Join us on Friday, June 02, at 6:00PM as they discuss their current exhitition and artistic practices.


A friend came to see me in a dream. From far away. And I asked in the dream: ‘Did you come by photograph or by train?’ All photographs are a form of transportation and an expression of absence. [1]

(I think I remember reading that) most painted Egyptian figures are in eternal profile; something about the continuity of life after death. Eternity now exists online. Profiles of deceased relatives and friends keep lingering on our screens, and computer algorithms keep asking us if we’d like to invite them to art openings or fancy dress parties.

Nobody used to mean no body, but bodies matter less and less. Matter matters less and less. Expressions of absence. ​The Sublime in Quotations​ is an attempt to reconcile this new reality where figure, object, image, and data are all collapsing into one eternal presence. The exhibition was created as a work in five chapters, each explore a theme central to this ongoing collapse.

I.Myth making

II.The cyclops, and the vanishing point

III.Floating or falling through the net

IV.Absence and profile

V.Collection as preservation

The Sublime in Quotations ​comprises a new video work and an installation that builds on CCC’s sound art and sculptural practice.

CCC is a collection of artists, writers, and audio producers. We like to be described as a nebulous assortment of curious individuals who work together to create temporary installations and uncanny experiences that exist in the world for a few moments until they don’t anymore. Recent installations include ​Hold On Hold On Some Things Last Forever ​at Katzman Contemporary (Toronto, On) and at Forest City Gallery (London, On). Recent audio works include The Slow Now​ and ​Lazaro’s Dream​ produced for the Koffler Center of the Arts (Toronto, On). ​Their work has also been featured at ​the old BBC Building (London, UK); CCA (Glasgow, UK) and Princeton University (New Jersey, US).

CCC ​would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts as well as the assistance of Struts Gallery/Faucet Media Arts Center and YYZ.

[1] John Berger, A Seventh Man
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