Brahja Waldman + Thom Gill + Khora & Mas Aya + Hobson's Choice

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Brahja Waldman + Thom Gill + Khora & Mas Aya + Hobson's Choice
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NYC saxophonist brings his Montreal/NYC hybrid quartet to Toronto. Languid avant jazz that creeps like the spirits in a haunted house. Filled with trapped energy, piano notes talk to wayward horn blasts. Blistering notes rattle each other, as the rhythm section slides along unphased. Brahja's sax work takes notes from a deep tradition, weaving itself easily into whatever situation arises. Also seeming comfortable, the band draws detailed moods with a brush of only the essential notes.

Avant pop sensation Thom Gill is like Active Surplus, you never know whatcha gonna find! Smoothed out pop songs and raw emotion, spread almost too thin over delicate guitar work. Thom blurs the line between pop and the avant-garde, re-inventing the cliches and turning them into something all his own. His voice is like silk whispers that can become alien at any minute. A bizarre un-touchable oddness lingers in his perfectly composed post-smooth jizz jazz meanderings, begging you to dig deeper. The true live vibe!

A new improv based collaboration between Matthew Ramolo (Khora, Picastro) and Brandon Valdivia (Not The Wind, Not The Flag, 20 other bands). Skillful rhythms & anti-rhythms guide processed guitar & electronics. Flourishing soundscapes for the contemporay inquistive mind & resting soul.

Angelic beauty without the omnipotent weight. Horns & vocals soar, playing with each other over a valley of vibes. Delicate songs weave themselves into intericate creations. Slow understated epics build everyday beauty into something magical. Pop songs channeled through the jazz tradition, scent with soe lost grandeur.

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