Cat People (1942) With Miss Paige!

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Cat People (1942) With Miss Paige!
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Cat People (1942) With Miss Paige! says
"She was marked with the curse of those who slink and court and kill by night!"

Break out the catnip and the antiseptic, because this kitty is ready to pounce! Just in time for Halloween LADIES of BURLESQUE brings you CAT PEOPLE, the B-movie horror masterpiece that hugely influenced all monster and slasher movies to come. Featuring a feline-infused performance from series favourite Miss Paige, this screening guarantees to frighten AND entice.

Luscious French siren Simone Simon is Irena Dubrovna, a Serbian immigrant working as a fashion designer in Manhattan. Convinced that she is inflicted with her homeland’s Cat Woman curse, which foretells that she will transform into a vicious panther and devour her suitor upon sexual arousal, Irena’s marriage to Kent Smith (Oliver Reed) is understandably compromised by her inability to permit any marital friskiness. Yearning for physical affection, her husband seeks solace in the affections of his devoted secretary Alice (Jane Randolph)—a betrayal that enrages Irena, provoking her to stalk and claw her female rival to pieces. Depicting the psychological impact on female sexuality, CAT PEOPLE was ahead of its game in its frankness and raw portrayal of sexual desire.

CAT PEOPLE is landmark in the horror genre, one that hugely improved upon the then tired-out Universal monster series. Produced by the legendary Val Lewton—the head of RKO’s horror unit—on a shoestring budget, the film went on to save the studio from bankruptcy. With tour-de-force Jacques Tourneur as director, CAT PEOPLE is considered a highly influential (and sexy) horror-noir hybrid!

$10 advance online/$12 at the door
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By: The Royal Cinema - Toronto

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