Community Meeting: Legalize Drugs & Murder

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Community Meeting: Legalize Drugs & Murder
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Community Meeting: Legalize Drugs & Murder says

May 18, 2016
Disgraceland: 965 Bloor St. W.Toronto, ON

In light of the recent growth in grey market marijuana dispensaries in Toronto and, in particular, Mayor John Tory’s pledge to crack down on these businesses, we are holding an emergency community discussion to address the issues of drugs and murder in the City of Toronto.

Unlike Mayor Tory and other “City Fathers” (so-called), we believe that all currently scheduled narcotics, not just marihuana, should be legalized. And also murder too. We call on all our city councillors and public officials to develop a framework for legalizing drugs and murder!

The current framework for drug legalization, as it exists, is insufficient. It leaves considerable holes, and fails to address the broader issue of legalization, self-choice, and self-harm. Such frameworks also offer nothing whatsoever about murder.Come out to Disgraceland this Wednesday to discuss the issue with like-minded DJs John and Jesse.

We will be leading a discussion by playing deviant, drug-obsessed, Satanic, and plain evil genres of hard rock and heavy metal music.

Including such genres as: proto-metal, black metal, doom metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, stoner metal, funeral doom, thrash metal, battle metal, bong metal, skid metal, early black metal, King Diamond metal, transcendental dope james, heavy bangers, thrash metal, did I already say “thrash metal”?, troll metal, goblin metal, ogre metal, imp metal, sludge metal, pagan metal, Astaroth-worshipping, celestial hymns to the unknowable and unspeakable, guitar solo rock music, &c., &c., &c.

#SatanRules #ViewsFromThe666
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