Diane Bruni At The 2017 Toronto Yoga Show

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Diane Bruni At The 2017 Toronto Yoga Show
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Diane Bruni At The 2017 Toronto Yoga Show says
Diane Bruni has been practicing yoga for 35 years, teaching students for 20 years, and training teachers for nearly two decades. Diane was the first Ashtanga yoga teacher in Canada. She co-founded the Downward Dog Yoga Centre, and hosted an internationally aired television series called Breathing Space Yoga. Diane is actively researching alternative therapeutic movement practices, believing that diversity in practice is the key to longevity. Her common sense approach allows her to integrate new ideas and movement patterns, allowing yogis of all levels new opportunities for growth, exploration and possibilities.

Friday March 31 (6 PM to 8 PM) - FR2BRU - YOGA, FASCIA, AGING AND RESILIENCY - As we age our tissues become less resilient, like an old elastic band that just doesn’t bounce back, our bodies function in much the same way. Stretching alone won’t help, in fact too much stretching could lead to over stretching and weakening of the muscles and and connective tissues. This workshop is designed for people who have noticed that they’re losing that springy feeling that comes with youth and want to learn how to bring the spring back into their bodies and lives.

Saturday April 1 (8 AM to 10 AM) - SA1BRU - SHAKING MEDICINE AND YOGA - Shaking, rocking, vibration, oscillating and undulating are natural human reactions to stress, trauma and ecstatic states. In this workshop, you will learn simple techniques to integrate this ancient healing modality into your yoga practice and classes.

Saturday April 1 (3:15 PM to 5:15 PM) - SA4BRU - RESTORATIVE MOVEMENT - In this workshop you’ll experience new ways to experience deep release and relaxation. Glide, slide, bounce, undulate, jiggle and walk. We will focus on yielding into the earth, body and breath.

Sunday April 2 (9 AM to 11 AM) - SU1BRU - YOGA OF WALKING - Most yoga teachers are familiar with postural analysis. This workshop will expand your understanding of posture analysis to the look at the human body in motion. Learn how to integrate information about gait, balance and weight transference into basic yoga postures.

Sunday April 2 (4:30 PM to 6:30 PM) - SU4BRU - DIVERSITY IS THE KEY TO LONGEVITY: EMERGING TRENDS - Explore and experience some new trends that are being integrated into the yoga culture. You can add them to your yoga practice, personally or as a teacher.

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