Face To Face: Portraits By Daniel Deus And Andrew Ihamaki

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Face To Face: Portraits By Daniel Deus And Andrew Ihamaki
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Face To Face: Portraits By Daniel Deus And Andrew Ihamaki says
Portraits by Daniel Deus and Andrew Ihamaki
Show runs from Nov 12th to the 18th
Opening reception on Thursday, Nov 12th!

Face to Face presents two contemporary artists critically engaging with the arbitrary and fabricated nature of relationship and identity structures. Conceptually, both Deus and Ihamaki arrive at similar conclusions: Identity is a construct, one that is highly subjective and often a fabrication on the part of the viewer.

The connection between the works of the two artists is a perfect juxtaposition: Deus’ subjects are passive. The relationships between the subject and the artist and viewer are ones that are fleeting, unintentional, and exist only in a moment of chance. His subjects are presented to the viewer as a canonical portrait, yet the subjects are physically disengaged and emotionally distant with their faces hidden or obstructed. However, despite being caught in this moment of transition and devoid of context, an intimacy between the artist and the subject forms, and the viewer is left to impart their own meaning and understanding. The identities of his subjects are thus understood in a similar context.

In contrast, Ihamaki’s work forces this relationship between the viewer and the subject. The subjects in his portraits are at large-scale and closely-cropped to fill the viewer visual field at close distance, and the subject’s gaze is confrontational, making direct eye-contact with the viewer. They demand an engagement through this gaze, yet their identity is constructed through the viewer’s interaction, aided by text-based works located to the wall beside them. These “I...” statements — some applicable to the individual subjects and others fabricated entirely — act as a pseudo- word bank in which the viewer can use to read and interpret the individuals before them.
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By: Black Cat - Artspace

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