Feast In The East 5 Year Anniversary Day 1: New Fries + Horse Lords + Mimico + Carl Didur + Jfm

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Feast In The East 5 Year Anniversary Day 1: New Fries + Horse Lords + Mimico + Carl Didur + Jfm
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Feast In The East 5 Year Anniversary Day 1: New Fries + Horse Lords + Mimico + Carl Didur + Jfm says
FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music food & installation series. On May 6th & 7th we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary by releasing a Feast In the East Cookbook featuring 40 original recipes & pieces of art, plus 2 cassette tapes of music!

This month features a free dinner by Brandon Lim

And music by:

NEW FRIES (https://newfries.bandcamp.com)
Toronto's greatest freak quartet get riled up with some herky jerky jams, angular grooves & gnarly yelps over ripped guitar riffs. Real punks playing minimalist prog. Deconstructed night terror jams for the modern hypochondriac. Come on time to get haunted!

HORSE LORDS (http://horselords.bandcamp.com/)
Baltimore kraut space jammers return to our fair city for those who missed them before, don't sleep on this! Slowed down time & space, their music flourishes like plant growth over a season. Sax, guitars & drums intermingle on seemingly aimless paths, dancing around each other, slowly building a greater structure. Basslines bulbous, balloon over the bottom end, as the drums keeps things on track for these languid lifers. Rhythmic repetitions increase their energy, dance grooves grow out of abstract technical guitar noodling & fatter than thou, bass funk. Sax & guitar interplay recalls classic kraut scapes over feverous drum patterns. Whoa!

MIMICO (http://mimico.bandcamp.com/)
Toronto kraut trio builds warm spacious soundscapes, the perfect quilt of winter music. Synthesized tones dance out amongst manicured guitar & bass notes. Everything becomes percussive as their sonic structures drift like some all enveloping cloud. Oscillating hums & psychedelic guitar phrases bury vocals in a haunting mist.

CARL DIDUR (http://carldidur.bandcamp.com/releases)
Part of the mastermind behind Zacht Automaat, electronic manipulator & synthesizer Carld Didur creates equally as brilliant & encompassing solo compositions. Glowing organ tones hum over eerie tape loops & vibrating synth tones. An eletronic wizard from a lost century. Toronto's best kept secret?

JFM (https://jfm3.bandcamp.com)
On his first outing since his triumphant return to Toronto, JFM spins the discs for us all night, as well as dips into his own circuit board of tricks. Mashed up dance bangers, grooving licks, cut & paste noise percussion, squeaking & squealing. Psych meets booty bass. Come early to chill, stay late to get down.

Environs by Alicia Nauta (http://alicianauta.com), Julia Dickens (http://juliadickens.blogspot.ca), Julie Reich (http://juliereich.ca) & Victoria Cheong (http://loosebouquet.blogspot.ca)

Projections by Romar L. Johnson (http://www.facademontage.com)

Immersive experience by ᶅ Ѧ Ⱡ , q human from a nother world (www.xxxjalxxxx.tumblr.com)

All Ages!

$10 Adv at Circus Books and Music, Cask Music, Soundscapes and Rotate This

$12 at the door
$15 with food

FREE dinner with adv ticket!

Check Day 2 here: https://www.facebook.com/events/107875186278591/
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